Besuch aus Berlin! 🤩​ Very exited about the project of based in staring off upcoming weekend the 21st of May.

Van Hoorebeke is showing ''Gevelgordijn'', a -specific work that responds to the neighborhood landscape in various ways. Neighbors who are involved in the sewing workshop of the Annahuis are invited to add further batiked characters to a textile pattern partially elaborated by the artist. The work is dyed with madder root (Rubia tinctorium), a dyeing plant that is still cultivated in the Middle East, Iran, India and formerly - before industrialization - also in the . The itself will be activated at the beginning of the exhibition and will continue to be worked on during the following ten days due to the weather conditions.

Info in :

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Fresh from the press: book about the world wide influence of funded cultural programm "Congress for Cultural Freedom" that was active during the . As part of the programm, the in was a gifted to city of Berlin as a cultural-political symbol for "cultural freedom" of Western Modernism :bertinho:

Tireless line, tireless symphony... Incredible new work by based Isabell Schulte ... Part 7 of a series of large scale with graphite pencil on a 2x3m paper. Endlessly zoom in on the website:

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