@IrisBouwmeester made this abstract creature hanging at Annahuis in ...the buildings ear, a flag, a shell, peel of an alien fruit?

created an in the garden of Marloes in showing several salt-dough . Inspired on the votive offering -Voto, the sculptures represent wishes or vows from the people involved in the project.

Come see his work in the Dijklaan 48 in Tuinzigt untill Sunday this week!

Fenna Koot reageert met haar werk op sociale en architecturale constructies uit de leefomgeving, zowel aanwezig als vergaan, zowel concreet als abstract. Het werk is een poging om hernieuwde aandacht te geven aan dat wat vaak als vanzelfsprekend gezien wordt. Juist deze vanzelfsprekende elementen spelen volgens Fenna een cruciale rol in de manieren waarop we de wereld vormen en begrijpen.

: Voor het project van Wo Meine Sonne Scheint vertrekt Fenna vanuit het idee van een 'Support Structure', van functionele rekwisieten tot sociale gewoontes.

“In the city scape I gather occurrences of instability, moments where an urge to action has appeared. Merging subtle and intimate portraits with the remnants of everyday actions. Essential is the everlasting conversation between different materials, temporarly coming together into states of apparent stability or seemingly endless tremor. In different settings I develop and install -according to the specifics raised by each socio-historical and material contexts - my work“. @AmandaElenaConrad - Berlin 2022

Come and see Amanda Elena Conrads site specific work in the Rietmakerstraat in Tuinzigt, Breda, from 21st till 29th of May 2022...

More info: www.womeinesonnescheint.com

Gruß aus aus Deutschland 🙋‍♀️​

@albertcoers his project in is evolving around his particular interest in the name of the city of (the name comes from "Brede Aa" which means „Wide Aa“, referring to the river "Aa"). Breda is also a common family name ( ...the public register mentions at least 25 Breda's in Germany!)

more info in English: albertcoers.com/

Besuch aus Berlin! 🤩​ Very exited about the project of based in staring off upcoming weekend the 21st of May.

Van Hoorebeke is showing ''Gevelgordijn'', a -specific work that responds to the neighborhood landscape in various ways. Neighbors who are involved in the sewing workshop of the Annahuis are invited to add further batiked characters to a textile pattern partially elaborated by the artist. The work is dyed with madder root (Rubia tinctorium), a dyeing plant that is still cultivated in the Middle East, Iran, India and formerly - before industrialization - also in the . The itself will be activated at the beginning of the exhibition and will continue to be worked on during the following ten days due to the weather conditions.

Info in : womeinesonnescheint.com/tuinzi

''Some things can not be shared''

Belgian Ignace Cami takes his heimat as a starting point to make sculptures, performative objects, installations, storytelling and writings dealing with roots, symbols and the contemporary meaning of local history.

Coming week Ignace will be doing an at the Dijkstraat in as a part of our project... opening is coming Saturday 21st of May 🤩​

(Info in : womeinesonnescheint.com/tuinzi)

we're pleased 😇 to work together with BE / NL Bart Lodewijks, Since 2001, Bart has been working on large-scale, linear chalk drawings in public and private spaces. He draws with chalk on walls, houses, churches, hospitals and roads in cities and towns, and writes about the process and the people he meets while

More info on our in : womeinesonnescheint.com/tuinzi

Vers van de (digitale) pers: Poster for the upcoming of Wo Meine Sonne Scheint in , thanks for this wonderfull design @gailepranckunaite

"What are you looking at? "
Look at this wonderfull of Susanna Inglada here: drawingcentre.nl/
Shown online now because the closed due to . Hope to be able to visit the show after lockdown to see her large scale drawings @drawingcentre @Diepenheim!

as a against ? :AAAAAA:
Fresh from the press: book about the world wide influence of funded cultural programm "Congress for Cultural Freedom" that was active during the . As part of the programm, the in was a gifted to city of Berlin as a cultural-political symbol for "cultural freedom" of Western Modernism :bertinho:

! Doe mee!
Stuur ons jou aan voor een tentoonstelling in

Waarom is vrije en open software belangrijk voor jou? Wat stelt het je in staat te doen? Wat betekent het voor onze samenleving?

Ons gemeenschappelijke FLOSS-confetti wordt samen met 1 maand tentoongesteld in de "Vitrine am Radhaus" in Berlijn.

DM aan mij of aan @topio


Tireless line, tireless symphony... Incredible new work by based Isabell Schulte ... Part 7 of a series of large scale with graphite pencil on a 2x3m paper. Endlessly zoom in on the website:

Voor een aankomende tentoonstellingsproject in Breda in de lente van 2021
zijn wij opzoek naar een vrijwilliger om te assisteren bij het projectmanagement.

meer info: womeinesonnescheint.com/tuinzi

The Blue Hour - Maike Hemmers (DE) & Helena Wallberg (SE), Verhalenhuis Belvedere in Rotterdam, Katendrecht

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