Beethoven conducted by
🎶 🧡 🎶
🎵 🧡
🧡 🎵
tempered pace 🎵 🎶 🌞
me, I'm on 🔥

Beethoven played in slow motion is still beautiful 🎵 🎶
just toooo slow

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🎵 🎶 Ludwig van Beethoven 🎵🎶
is on, everything, I mean everything else is off.
🎵 🎶 🥰 🎵 🎶
amazing 🎵 🎶 power,
🎵 🎶 strong and gentle 🧡
after so long, still outstanding 🧡

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what a surprise
kaufhaus oesterreich is going offline 🥳

Austrian government wanted to combat Amazon, supported by business guild, implemented by ?. 🤪

what a waste of tax payers money,
my money, I want it back.

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yesterday's observation:
bird flies along it's used to pattern to approach feeder, only to find out that the feeder has been removed in the mean time. 🤨
hovered for a few seconds and moved away, surely a little disappointed

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A lightweight yet powerful audio-to-MIDI converter with pitch bend detection.

note to self

on windows return >0
on linux return ==0

lower match too 🙂

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You can see public posts visible to a particular Mastodon server using a particular hashtag by using this website address:

(server name) /tags/ (hashtag but without the #)

So, for example, if you want to see posts visible from with the hashtag "crochet", you would look here:

To expand a post within this view, click on its datestamp.

If you're on a new server, you can use this trick to find people to follow from other servers. It works especially well if you try to see the view from a bigger or more connected server.

(Once a new server starts making its own connections, tricks like this aren't needed as much.)

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We've had floods, droughts, tornadoes and fires across 🇪🇺—the climate crisis is here, and no EU citizen needs to be convinced of this.

We need to put in place measures to uphold our climate targets.

Executive Vice-President at

#FitFor55 #EUGreenDeal

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James Lowenthal (Smith College) put together this video (taken last summer) of the dark night sky with only 3500 satellites. SpaceX has since launched almost 1000 more, all naked-eye visible when sunlit.

I now have a continuous line of Starlinks crawling across my sky all night long. How bad is the satellite light pollution from your favourite dark sky location?


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