I'm using the same username like my twitter account, in case mastodon users out there familiar with this @ follow me please. <//3 But I also welcome for new friends.

Pst, kinda selective.

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eef - Just to make it clear

Spam is everything that interrupts the information flow at Mastodon.

So, if you do any of this things, is considered SPAM:

- Posting too much at the public/local timelines.
- Posting things with no context, like lyrics, words, pictures with no information.
- Repeated things, like I'm seeing a lot of "follback" or something like that.

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I do think Mastodon is a lot more safe than Twitter. We don't have many employees walking around who are vulnerable for social engineering. We have secure closed server systems with open source code.

We do not track you in any way nor publish any info. Ever..

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Here is our bases list :



Bilingual SFW bases : @selfolrp @selfolpals

Bilingual NSFW bases : @smuterpe @smutroleplay

Mun bases : @munlifess @koreanfess

@thanaerng@mastodon.online sawadee khab, Phi! Mind to give me a follow? Khob khun na khab!

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Hi! @englishroleplayer mind to give me a follow and shoutout too?

This Win is looking for more friends who willing to be friend with me and my fellow Thai mates. Thankyou!

So... it's different between mastodon(dot)social and mstdn(dot)social. Hm.

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Tolong yang minta follovvback di unlisted/direct ya, ownernya sendiri yg bilang kalo itu mengganggu di timeline global.

Unlisted itu apa sih? Unlisted itu gunanya biar gak masuk timeline global dan ngespam. Kalo direct apa? Direct itu kayak dm tapi sistemnya dipost dan yang bisa baca cuma orang yang kita mention aja.

Terus itu ada dimana? Ada di icon yang gambarnya dunia. Disana juga ada pilihan private, jadi postingan kamu cuma bisa diliat mutual.

Toot = Tweet
Boost = Retweet
Favourite = Like

Got it!

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If you still have no idea about username, you can not change your username. And in case later you deactivate your account, the username will stay unavailable.

- Crew

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Mastodon does not store passwords in plain text. This is trivial to confirm as Mastodon is an open-source project. We use the bcrypt algorithm for one-way hashing of passwords. I can't believe someone is spreading misinformation about something so trivial to debunk.

Wow two of my friends are deleting their account. :/

@janhaeu sawadeekhab, Phi! I just moved, so.. mind to give me a follow?

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