You can bet their goal is to stop at impeaching . They're not interested in actually changing the system that created and elevated him. πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

I'm not going to stop saying this: these ppl were doctors, lawmakers, real estate brokers; they owned grocery stores and other businesses; one was the son of a Brooklyn supreme court judge. I doubt these ppl were atypical among the crowd. Stop it w/ the 'poor, abandoned, easily misled white working class' narrative.πŸ™„

Moore: No black policy. She's not doing anything for black folks. You're not worried about any of that. You're just mad at the photo πŸ”₯

Colin Powell just said he doesn't consider himself a Republican anymore. FOH, . We don't care. You should've resigned and left the Republican party in 2003 before . πŸ˜’

Former FB! Assistant Director : "There is no law in place that makes domestic terrorism illegal...You cannot use it to actually prosecute and get a higher consequence"

This is prob why they were so comfortable doing what they did, while smiling for the cameras.πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ
(cred @DCDigga at twitter)

Chyle, the leftists are still salty that someone tried to make their faves actually do something in .πŸ™„ Yall gotta stop fanboying over "". They're politicians. BTW, I see that yall are just as cliqued up as establishment Dems.πŸ˜’ That sh!t ain't healthy for any of us. Tell politicians to expand/protect rights, which is what they promised, instead of protecting their inaction year after year. is not gonna do your show and raise your profile (but if she does, we'll know why).

Is this yall's uncle Joe up here embracing the very ppl who coddled while telling Black ppl what he's NOT gonna do and what they AIN'T gonna get? πŸ€”

Reports: "The politically-connected son of a Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge was among the band of Trump-supporting marauders who ransacked the U.S. Capitol building..." -


I need yall to STOP fcking talking about how that was a consequence of crumbling capitalism or working class economic devastation. It was ideological and racial.🀨

Here's additional information about the allegedly middle class and "poor r3d n3ck" rioters. So stop it with the 'forgotten white working class' narrative yall are trying to spin. A whole stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6 and some of them are well positioned in polite society and I would guess they're not unique:

Republicans' attitude as they are handing over the Senate to the Democrats...😢 πŸ˜–

I detest being lumped in w/everybody else under a catch-all umbrella of flat blackness. It diminishes centuries worth of chattel slavery, Jim Crow, , medical experimentation, hwyte t3rr0r campaigns, de jure segregation and targeted predation that is suffering in AmericaπŸ˜‘

Carnell: We're here to give birth to the dreams of whiteness...What you see reflected in is reflected throughout the history of America...We get to build a thing that we cannot enjoy or live...You have no life without this Black character saying 'Here. You have my life.' That is the story of in America; is of us having no life without us sacrificing our life to give birth to something inside of whiteness. That is how we live

He's saying he's going to look out for people who are more like him, which is exactly what everybody does... everybody except for Black American descendants of slavery tho.🀷
We hv a history of always helping everybody and their mama even if they're not true allies.πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Ah. So this is how Queen Ice Cream killed it. She knew they'd reject unanimous consent.πŸ˜’

If yall didn't know, is no more of a friend of yours than the great-great grandson of slave owners ().

For a party that's been all about identity politics in its more vicious and cynical form, yall couldn't find 1 'Black girl magic' shield for the Senate? Um um um.

Carnell: The 'minorities' that Democrats are banking on, they're skewing right...Instead of trying to bolster up the base, which is , they are running after them. And there has to be a consequence for that...Nobody is talking about what happened to [Black American descendants of slavery] in terms of how we got sidelined and nobody talked about us or what our due was because yall decided that you were going to put all your eggs a basket -

(clip 1.25x)

Which race-neutral, universal policy will fix this?πŸ€”

"Black Air Force members face different treatment than white service members in criminal investigations, military justice, promotions, and educational and leadership opportunities..." -

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