Chromium ending some of Google's API access such as syncing and spelling check starting

`chromium users may want to consider moving to the full Google Chrome, or switching to another browser such as Firefox`

DuckDuckGo surpasses 100 million daily search queries for the first time
DuckDuckGo reaches historic milestone in a week when both Signal and Telegram saw a huge influx of new users.

Who says no one cares about data ethics?

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@qorg11 How can we expect SQL developers to work without it?
The caps lock key is a conspiracy to put a useless key in the most accessible place of the keyboard
@werwolf I don't care about who made the software i'm using, or for anything else, for example i love burzum music but the artist is a literal nazi, and i don't care about it because his music is not nazi prograpanda.
brave is not antimask propaganda, also doesn't have homophobic messages, so i don't think the fact that he made it is a reason not to use it
does that mean hes an asshole? yes, he made JS

the blob emoji have so much life, why did they get culled in favor of... Whatever soulless emoji we have in android now...

@greypilgrim @kidany
Mozilla is spooky
Firefox's password manager is a joke that can be scraped with a simple script from github
Mozilla builds in telemetry that is hard to disable
Mozilla sucks google off for money
mozilla serves ad-like MOTDs on the new tab page
Mozilla is in bed with cloudflare
Mozilla doesn't like decentralized services
Mozilla is run by capitalists who only care about money
Mozilla pins sites like Amazon and eBay to the new tab page
Mozilla hides privacy hardening options in about:config behind a warning that scares people away

is there a way I can search my favorites on this thing? if not, looks like I'll have to be more selective with the funny little stars

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