These little bits of friction which meld into your personal atmosphere, once solved, make the whole world lighter.

A few days ago I started looking at the issues in the github and found one that looked doable for a new dev like me.

A couple hours later, I had a patch and submitted a PR. Lo and behold it was accepted and merged!

Just bought a hat that says because I'm turning into an intolerable fanboy of 's community guide and their eponymous process.

This hat comes from the Cape Cod Cycling Club but I think the gear can stand for process as well as a bike part. Bonus, it looks like a hat fit for cycling or .

Been playing around with a looper pedal which has led to more extended playing and improv sessions... and the main riff I built this song around. Though I definitely prefer the full sound of physical amps and pedals when playing around, in this song you're hearing an Ibanez JS1200 entirely processed in Garage Band. This is a demo of my song Digging In.

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