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Some other problems to be written up in the future.
- Discoverability of optimal services
- Few developers
- Finding existing friends
- Inviting friends

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By the way if you're interested in the meta of the Fediverse, please come say hi and browse some topics at SocialHub (part of the W3C's ActivityPub community)

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Please read, share and comment!

Problem: Network-level moderation of content on federated networks leads to fragmentation and lower total value for users

Updated Bio: Currently working on and while tracking issues on the in and . Believer in C4 FOSS development process by Hintjens/ZeroMQ.

Get in touch if you want to chat about solving problems in any of the above.

ok guys i need your help with something :pepestudy:

i may have started working on my selfhosted livestreaming / movienight platform again, and i’m thinking about screwing web browsers and just building a native client app to get fancy stuff like a player that doesn’t suck, softsubs, more codecs, good (optional) p2p, etc.

do you think you and your friends / community would generally be willing to download something to join a stream, or is that too much to ask in ‘21?

(boosting encouraged :boost_ok:, i’d really like to get more people’s views on this) Hello, couldn't find you in search so attempting to @ you.

Interesting that this doesn't get a link preview I guess since the link is immediately preceded by a hashtag?

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Hey #Fediverse! There is a new #project: #OpenHospitalityNetwork (#OHN). It helps to connect travellers with those who want to host them. Like AirBnB but better, focusing on the core idea of it.

Website: openhospitalitynetwork.github.

Today's 📅 meeting 6pm CEST:

Great news! US is headed towards stopping tech corporations from forcing their customers to do repairs in "authorized" repair shops (where they are charged exorbitant prices, served poorly or forced to buy new), and make it possible for people to repair their own stuff.
This is great news, and Louis Rossmann has been fighting for this for 7 years.
#RightToRepair #LouisRossmann #Freedom #AntiMonopoly #Apple

I hope one day to see this all around:

This project uses C4(Collective Code Construction Contract) process for contributions.

A few days ago I started looking at the issues in the github and found one that looked doable for a new dev like me.

A couple hours later, I had a patch and submitted a PR. Lo and behold it was accepted and merged!

You know how Facebook generates a different page with various ads unique to each user? TIL of Citizen Browser which allows a paid panel of volunteers to share the view they see with the project.

👩‍🔧 Help Wanted 👷

Dear Fedizens, we need your help..

We want to launch our Humane Tech Translation Program (HTTP) so we can spread info on the state of tech - their harms and solutions - across the world.

I have created a website for the #fediverse and we want to fork it for this program. We seek helpers for some #UX #design #content #html #writer #jekyll open issues.

Are you in?
Boosts much appreciated :)

The site to fork lives here:

Just bought a hat that says because I'm turning into an intolerable fanboy of 's community guide and their eponymous process.

This hat comes from the Cape Cod Cycling Club but I think the gear can stand for process as well as a bike part. Bonus, it looks like a hat fit for cycling or .

The Community chapter of ZeroMQ's The Guide should be required reading for all Free Software developers.

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