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Wall Street was the site of an actual wall that the original Dutch settlers built, using slave labour, to defend against Indigenous and British forces. It also contained a slave market for 50 years, which New York City collected taxes from.

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This is a really important read from Steve Benen.

The process worked because certifiers in the process chose to do the right thing. That may not be a luxury we’ll always be able to rely on.

Too many Republicans still didn't accept the results. Long-lasting damage to our democracy may have been accomplished.

I believe Joe Biden and his administration are up to this task, but don't let up on the GOP.

As transition begins, let no one think all's well that ends well:

I got such a tearful rush of pride with the announcement of the Michigan vote for certification and the GSA facilitation of a transition because, as with our election of Barack Obama, we have, through the hard work of sooo many citizen activists, shown the world that we can correct; that, in fact, Putin's premature crowing about the "death of liberal democracy" was just a lot of hot air. Sorry you little punk, you aint got it like that!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Covid Notes II
Disaster Eugenics
By just taking their hands off the wheel and allowing covid to burn through our population freely Trump and his creepy neo-nazee incubus Miller have found a way to endanger and effectively murder our most covid vunerable populations; Americans of color, without having to face retribution for what I see as just another attempt at good old-fashioned genocide.

Covid Notes I
The Personal:
Being 68 has become a real something. Gone is any silly notion of age as just a number. These days I seem to have swung my focus from my usual self-centered effort to reach for what now seem to be paper thin vanities that, pre-covid, appeared perfectly affordable to burn the clock on. Now is the time for strengthening old friendships and a once thought tenuous and challenging romantic relationship of many years. Any poetic regard for solitude has drained away.

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The originator of the popular saying, "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission" was Grace Hopper, a United States navy Rear Admiral and pioneer of computer programming who popularized the idea of machine-independent programming langu...

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#PSA and friendly reminder:

"Saints" are a colonial invention. They are part of the settler tradition to attempt to "reframe" what actually happened in the past 528 years, to minimize the horrific severity of what their ancestors (both white settlers from Europe who displaced and killed Native Americans on their conquests west, AND Spanish Conquistadors who similarly plundered and murdered Indians' villages and people as they traveled north) did. Spanish "colonial" style extravagances of large crosses and churches and missions are evidence of this genocidal history.

Settler histories are predicated on faulty notions that the continental landmass today which contains the US of A was available for the taking. Religious falsehoods about saints were beaten into children forced to attend Indian Boarding Schools. The texts of history books were embellished to disguise or mask the truly horrific abuse and genocidal historical events.

Native media site with so many facts the average person doesn't know:

#LearnTheFacts #AllThePeople #Indigenous #History #decolonization #DeorbitWhiteness

Black Detroit voters sue Trump campaign over effort to invalidate election results "Black Detroit voters sue Trump campaign over effort to invalidate election results"

I sang tenor in the choir of St. Dominic's where I cooked for those great nuns while going to school. A few years later I clerked at Joe Esherick's Architecture firm at the time after the Oct. 89 SF earthquake when St. Dominic's hired EHDD to help figure out how to manage an esthetically appropriate way to shore up the quake weakened cathedral. Esherick's solution was to reach back for some flying buttresses. πŸ‘β€οΈ

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Can you imagine if Americans had acted like this when polio was going around? 
"You can't make me quarantine! It's fascism!"
"Nobody in my town has it, so how do I even know it's real?"
"The March of Dimes is a front for globalists who want to inject us with trackers!"
"It's only killing kids, and I'm an adult - so let's hit the pool!"

Way too many Americans can't even bother to wear a paper mask. #DoBetter

America’s 250,000 covid deaths: People die, but little changes:

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Oskar Biteye, grandson of family chief Zaire and the group's youngest hunter,returns from the hunt with his day's catch, a forest antelope, in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve outside the town of Epulu, Congo.

By Marco Bal99

Hello world!❀️🀸
Another glorious day!

my back to yours in bed

sometimes I really hate it that I love you

I know

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