Thank you @brewster_kahle, from the @internetarchive, for the kind words & for supporting Walled Culture's journey behind the copyright bricks!

Get your (free ebook) copy of - the book by @glynmoody👇

Check it out, @deborahkalb talks with @glynmoody about - the book

It's free in e-book format, so don't hesitate to explore this must read if you care about creators, culture, education, libraries or the Internet:

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Q&A w/@glynmoody on his new , WALLED CULTURE.

Thank you all for your overwhelming support for - the book by @glynmoody. Without it we wouldn't be climbing the Amazon rankings so fast, but the question remains:

Can you help us turn Walled Culture in the #1️⃣ copyright law book ⁉️

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My conversation with @glynmoody across as many of the key copyright issues as we could squeeze into a podcast! I think this is a great overview/introduction to lots of the most important copyright discussion points (and why copyright is failing the digital age)

Glyn Moody (@glynmoody), author of - the book, talks about everything that’s wrong with copyright & Big Content with @klillington on our newest Walled Culture podcast 👇

Help us ensure that more people understand what is at stake, and join the fight to bring down the 🧱 walls 🧱 that stand in the way of universal access to knowledge and culture

Get your (free ebook) copy of - the book by @glynmoody 👇

Thank you @communia_eu for the 📣📣📣 and keep on protecting the public domain for the benefit of all!
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Congrats @glynmoody on the publication of your important new book Walled Culture! 📖
We're especially happy to see that it's dedicated to the Public Domain.

📣 @glynmoody, author of - the book, talks about the journey behind the 🧱 copyright bricks 🧱 in our latest podcast, hosted by @klillington 🔜 dropping Thu 29 Sept


Merci @framaka de cette gentille promo! La version papier est à prix coûtant pour nous mais avec bénéfice éventuel pour les libraires revendeurs (hors de notre controle) :) Et tout à fait: si de courageuses âmes veulent traduire, contactez-nous!
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[copyright copyleft copyfight] Sortie du livre "Walled Culture" de @glynmoody (dont je suis fidèle lecteur depuis +20 ans)
- directement dans le domaine public via la licence CC-0

Yesterday, we published a book where we had the honour of citing @Hohoyanna and many others. Today we continue to make some noise around Walled Culture - The Book. Get your free copy at
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today I got cited in a book

Thank you for the 🥁 @liaholland and keep on fighting the good fights!
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Out now: @glynmoody's Walled Culture. This is a must-read, and not just because I'm quoted. 😉

It's about how access to culture (+ culture-creators' access to the $$ they deserve) is locked away by mega corporations and their armies of lobbyists.

Thanks for spreading the word @creativecommons and yes, the book is published under CC0 licence
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1/ 📕✨ OUT NOW: @glynmoody's !

This is the first book to provide a brief, non-technical history of digital copyright and its issues over the last thirty years.

Download your free ebook or get the paperback➡️

- the book: @glynmoody spoke about how Big Content wants to shut down the sharing of information and culture on the Dialogues on the Accountability in the Digital Age podcast, a series of conversations by , hosted by @FritsBussemaker

Thank you @internetarchive for spreading the word and building the wonderful tool that allowed us to have all the book's links archived and 'link rot' free for the future
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Have you downloaded or purchased your copy of @glynmoody's WALLED CULTURE, out today?

We can either suffer the negative consequences of analogue based copyright laws or choose to maximize the digital sphere's potential❗

- the book by @glynmoody shows the path towards more : Get your (free ebook) copy 👇

We appreciate the 👏 @WithaVeeAy
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For those interested in culture & modernity, @glynmoody's book, "Walled Culture" is now available for free (one click, no registration) download or printed for £7 from the usual suspects.
This'll be good. Glyn's insights are usually deeply thought through

Thanks for the shout out @neil_neilzone
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Whoop! @glynmoody's new book, "Walled Garden", is now available for download. I am looking forward to reading this.

No money. No registration. Just a click.

PDF, ePub, and .mobi.

(£6.99 for a printed version:

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It's @glynmoody's Walled Culture day! Buy it in print or download the ebook for free at the link below.

I've already cracked open my copy (and what a pleasant delight to see mentioned!*)

Thank you for sharing @laurentchemla !
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Walled Culture (@glynmoody) is the first book providing a compact, non-technical history of digital copyright and its problems over the last 30 years, and the social, economic and technological implications.

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