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„Now, human, forget everything around you… Look deep into my eyes… And repeat after me: I – HAVE – TO – GET – MORE – FOOD – FOR – MY – RABBITS!“

Ah, eh, Moin and Hi!

Sorry, can't stay around, feel the sudden urge to fetch some additional food for the rabbits ... See you later. Have a good Sunday!


Have a of the from the backyard.

Wind W 5, gales 6 over the western Baltic Sea with some cloud but mostly sunny.

Saw no cranes for some days now; those who stayed here during the last months have apparently moved on in the unexpected warm weather.

But eldest son saw the hunting again in the area while he was out running some days ago and today around noon I saw it passing overhead too.

Have a good day!

Das war eine großartige Serie.


#OnThisDay 1980: Yes Minister made its television debut, starring Nigel Hawthorne, Paul Eddington and Derek Fowlds.


Ten past six p.m., getting dark outside , streetlights come on, temp. is still 15 degr. Celsius and some neighbour upwind is having a barbecue. ...

Have a good evening!

A sunny day ahead apparently, sun shines through a veil of high cloud. And unseasonal high temp. again today.

Should be fine weather for the cranes to travel.

But as I have some things to attend to in town this morning and get back to the desk afterwards I won't be able to look out for them.

Instead here's old from the .


Uah. Moin!/Good morning!

Autocorrect suggested "gold morning".

We shall see.


Had to be over at - on business this noon and brought some from along the way.

First a comparison: View from Wendorf pier. Three days ago = left, today = right


DON'T PANIC! The answer to a lot of Earth's mysteries might be 42, after all!

A perfect (cosmic) storm happened 42,000 years ago, and Earth has never been the same.

The next polar flip may be around the corner – explains what's next.



Snow nearly completely gone, 10 degr. Celsius temp. and no virtually wind out there on this afternoon at ten past four pm. Birds singing. What a change.

Have a springtime from the .

- Sailing school with onlooking cormorant in Kieler Förde. -


Had some business to attend to at and brought a few if not from a beach then at least with some "views" of the inner and the harbour entrance.

Have a good day!


🇬🇧 Why are the EU's plans for #chatcontrol so dangerous? What could happen to your private holiday photos in the future if the law is passed? Help us stop #masssurveillance and defend the #digitalprivacyofcorrespondence!

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