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I can’t stop thinking about this photo of empty skyscrapers in downtown Houston aglow while five million Texans freeze without power. Haunting

Uber will never, ever be profitable. The company admitted as much in its IPO filing, where it said that profitability depended on every public transit system in the world being replaced with Uber. The company lost *$4b* in the first half of 2020,

If you think the first half of 2020 was bad, you should see the second half of 2020: *Uber lost $6.8b more!* As usual, transportation analyst Hubert Horan has the absolute best context on the company's haemorrhagic losses.


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Slush, sounds of dripping and snow sliding off the roofs outside. Grey and wet.

I think I need a few pics from the beach I took exactly two years ago to the day.

Have a good day!

Better half made it home savely, but the way took nearly twice as long as normal. Snow stopped. Time to get some rest.

Have a good night and a from the . (ish)

Buoy tender "MS Sturmmöwe" in the naval channel out of the Kirchsee at Kirchdorf harbour / Poel with Wismar on the horizon in the winter of 2018.

Hm. High winds and that snow expected to come down for another two hours. Hope that my better half gets back alright from the late shift. Will take a fair while longer than normal ...

RT DBRegio_SH: #RE1 #RE7 #RE70 #RE8 #RE80 #RB81 #RegioSH #RegioMV #HVV ❄️❗️🚆❌ #Hamburg Hbf empfängt aktuell keine Züge und lässt keine abfahren! Grund: witterungsbedingte Störung (starker Schneefall) Weichenstellungsprobleme. Bitte mit Verspätungen, Umleitungen und Ausfällen rechnen!


An overcast morning with wind S 4-5, gales 6 over the southwestern Baltic Sea, temp. expected up to -1 degr. Celsius. Some snow and rain later.

Have a good Monday!

From the of : 2/2

2) Consequences and development in the relationships of a number of people after a person, whose facemask forces it's glases to totally fog over, accidentally sits down in the passenger seat of the wrong car beside an until then unknown driver after a visit to the supermarket.

From the of : 1/2

1) A story of chaos and unexpected consequences that ensue when someone opens the roof-window of a bathroom after showering and a stream oft hot air suddenly rises, causing thermal turbulences that force a group of geese that pass overhead from their intended course.

Moin!/ Hi!

Frost in the night and sun until now.

Had to check up on something in town and passed by , a creek that turns into small canal before it runs into Wismar harbour and the Baltic Sea.

Lots of there as the moving water is ice free.

Took a few pics along the way.

Have a good day!

Moin!/ Hi!

Some clouds dropped some centimeters of snow yesterday evening. Looks like winter again outside...

Have a good day!

Staatsministerin Bär, Bundesbeauftragte für Digitales, macht sich für die #App #Clubhouse stark - und warnt vor der „Datenschutzkeule“

Wer auf Clubhouse Bekannte einladen möchte, muss seine Kontaktdaten freigeben - das ohne Einwilligung der Betroffenen zu tun ist illegal

Eine Ministerin, die #Digitalisierung und #Datenschutz gegeneinander ausspielt, ist nicht „hip“ sondern peinlich 🙈

Datenschutz und Digitalisierung funktionieren nur gemeinsam 👍 - oder gar nicht.

Had a short spell of as it went down under the clouds.

Have a good evening!

Time for the evening flyover.

The are heading for their resting places in the wetlands and on the coast again after looking for food inland during the day. (Not the kind of winter weather they stayed here for.)

Moin!/Good morning!

Time for the morning flyover. Must have been about 300 birds.

Have a good day!


So, we finally got enough snow to get out the showels alongside the brooms this morning, but it's still just a few centimeters.

Had to venture out into town this morning and took those of on the way.

Have a good day!

Back from town / some business errands.

There even was a bit of blue sky.

Took some pics on the way:

and a part of the

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