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Moin!/Good morning!

The strong easterly winds rattled the roof a bit tonight, but as there was none of those sliding noises, all tiles seem to have stayed where they belong.

So we have -4 Celsius with a mean windchill and the stormy wind outside, but at the moment a faint glimpse of morning sun between the cloud. Still just the small remains of last weeks snow on the ground.

Wind E 7-8 Bft, gales 9 Bft, cloud. Have a good day!

This triangle dragon is getting peckish!

He's waiting for the other dragons in the family lair to rise and get ready for breakfast. - Hm, just snoring and small puffs of smoke from those dragon nostrils everywhere. - Ok then. Dragon will wander off to fetch another coffee and get a toast ...


Moin!/Good morning!

A blanket of cloud and grey sky with cold easterly wind, light frost and neither snow nor rain here at the coast this morning.

Time for a .

Have a good day!

A dry, cold(ish) and windy day draws to a close here as the sun went down. No snow or rain expected at this place, but it will be a cold and windy night.

Have a good time!


A cold breeze from the East blowing here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea, but that wind tore the clouds apart and we got a nice bit of sunshine here right now. First sun for several days. 😎

Wind E 5 and a gale warning: Easterly gales 7 bis 9 Bft, up to 10 Bft on Sunday over the sea.

Had a walk outside and saw some deer on the fields.

But no sign of that long-nosed springflowerbeetle (="Frühlingsrüssler")

Have a good day!

A major intrusion of #Saharan sand and dust has dramatically altered the skies over parts of Europe today.

📷 Southern Swiss Alps, from Nax, from Suzy Nelson Pollard.

Details of WMO's Sand and Dust Storm warning advisory and assessment system here


And ... it turns out he's deep in worship of a menacing looking appearance of a deity of organisation and bureaucracy.

As I wait for two things to happen (one of which is for one of the homeschoolers to finish the last but one part of homework before the holidays) this highpriest or king crosses my path.


Have a good day!

And two of sea birds I took yesterday when I passed the canal "Wallensteingraben" not far from where it runs into the harbour and the Baltic Sea.

Midday break nearly over; homeschoolers fed with a late lunch. So, on with work.

Have a good afternoon or whatever lies ahead!

But first: Have two from the I took years ago in a February from the top of the tower of the medieval church of St.Marien at :
A magificent view on this historic city and it's surroundings with the Island of in the backgrund. (And yes, it was quite cold up there that day 🐧.)

Evening fun. One of the minors has an arts assignment that is based on that "objects in sketches" thing. Here are our short takes. :)

Up, and to the office, where with my clerks all the morning very busy about several things there wherein I was behindhand.

Midday break.

2 1/2 more days and we got a welcome pause in homeschooling: Two weeks of winter holidays here in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as every year. - Not that anyone could go anywhere or that I got nothing to do at work, but ... 👍

Have a of some passing by.

Moin!/Good morning!

Just a hint of new snow coming down in the grey of the morning here.

Time for . Have a nice day!

DSS 25 carrier lock on Mars 2020 (Perseverance)
Frequency: 8.4145GHz
Signal strength: -144dBm

Hm. Dark again and a quarter past six in the afternoon here already. This day flew by.

Have a good time and a from the / of some at in !

Moin!/Good morning!

Light frost, so a bit of snow on the ground still remains and we have just a hint of blue sky behind the high clouds. Wind W 1-2, gales 4, cloudy, temp. 0 to +1 degr. Celsius max.

Have a good day and a from the .


Hope you have a good Sunday!

Two :

1) Rabbits seem be alright with the bit of snow.

2) Did some repairwork on an old mobile and exchanged the front for a new one (glass broke). Turned out ok, but it seems I'm not as confident fooling around that way like when I tinkered with those old Palm handhelds way back ... 😉

Moin!/Good morning!

So we too got a little bit (about 3-4 cm) of that white stuff here at the southernmost end of the Baltic Sea overnight.

Looks nice for a change.

The cranes that stay here over the winter and can be heard from the adjacent fields and wetlands sounded somewhat irritated though, calling out louder in the morning air than normal. That's not what they are here for.

Have a good morning and a from "Underhill by the Sea'" in the new snow!

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