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Back at the workdesk. - Town was quite full of tourists strolling about - had to do slalomwalking on the way to the points I had to get to on business. - Something from the - Freightship in Kiel Canal -

Ab Mittwochmittag sind in der Lübecker und Wismarer Bucht und dem Greiswalder Bodden Wasserstände bis 1,5 m über mittlerem Wasserstand möglich.

An der gesamten Ostseeküste werden Wasserstände bis 1,2 m über mittlerem Wasserstand erwartet.

Moin!/Good morning!

Some minutes ago: Lets look at the sky as the sun rises and, turning west, watch a group of cranes pass by. - Now the morning mist starts to rise from the wetlands nearby.

Wind still light at the moment, with NE 3-4, gales 4, some cloud, -but- we have a gale warning for up to 8 Bft for the evening and increasing wind through the night and a -stormflood warning- for tomorrow for the southern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Have a nice day!

Moin!/Good morning! - When you are sitting at your workdesk with a first coffeebreak coffee and hear the honking of geese passing but you cant see a bit through your window ... yes, it's dense autumn morning mist at the coast of the Baltic Sea. - Wind W 3, gales 4, clouds, max. temp. 13 degr. Celsius expected. - Have a good day!

A view of the island "Walfisch" in Wismar Bay and the bouyage vessel "Sturmmöwe".

Moin!/Good morning! - It's oh so quiet ... Sunday morning with wind SW 4-5, gales 6, and varying clouds with showers and sunny intervals, max. temp. 11 degr. Celsius expected. - First coffee.

We are in the first stages of a long anti-encryption march by the upper echelons of the European Union, headed directly toward Europeans’ digital front-doors.

Moin!/Good morning! - It's always the right time to learn something new. E.g. see and learn about animals you never even heard of and revisit some you already know about. - Have a nice day! -

Moin!/Good morning! Hope you can use your time for better things than fighting bloody battles and building monuments in rememberance afterwards. And then start new wars again. - Have a better day! - Monument to the Battle of the Nations 16.-18. Oct. 1813, Leipzig.

Hi!/Good night! - Pssst! The Silverback sleeps in his favourite corner. And so should you. Have a good night!

Moin!/Hi! Hope you had a good day and wish you a fine evening. Some failed from the in and showing a grey haired fisherman with a pipe. - The ear went up a bit to far and apparently he borrowed his cap from his small grandson. But I like him nonetheless.

Moin!/Good morning!

All the best for national prerequisite-for-getting-to-know-each-other day!

Yes, that's today, as, without the fall of the inner border in 1989 and unification in 1990 in Germany, I would never have met my wonderful partner and those boys of ours would not be here.

Have a nice day! - And a view of as seen from an approaching boat.

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