Coffee break.

Realised that my feet went cold under the workdesk and I had not turned on the heating in my office room. Fixed. Brrr. Need another coffee.

Falls da jemand Interesse haben sollte: (Auch wenn die Umstände momentan leider ja nicht ganz so glücklich sind, aber derzeit wäre das auch mit entsprechenden Vorkehrungen wohl noch denkbar.)


Moin!/Hi! - Hope you had a good weekend so far and have something to look forward to for the remaining time. - Went to visit relatives in another fed. state yesterday and ended up fixing some minor things at their house - which, as things tend to go, led to -four- visits to the DIY-store in 24 hours. Fortuntely that store is only several hundred meters away from their home, so I had eight walks in the sunshine .. and in the end repairs worked out ok, too. -

Moin!/Good morning!

All the best for national prerequisite-for-getting-to-know-each-other day!

Yes, that's today, as, without the fall of the inner border in 1989 and unification in 1990 in Germany, I would never have met my wonderful partner and those boys of ours would not be here.

Have a nice day! - And a view of as seen from an approaching boat.

Moin!/Hi! A busy day. - Some pics I took this morning while on my way on business. - Close to the trading route between and , on a part that today is a remote single track byroad, a from Wismar was waylaid and murdered in the year 1391 A.D.. At the spot a rememberance stone was put up afterwards. If it was part of a sentence and fine imposed on the robbers or done by his family is unclear. The stone is still there. - Have a good night!

Time for a short break and a look at a pic showing the naval channel at the harbour entrance, marked by the two "Swedes Heads".

Quite warm outside. - One of the offspring was due to depart for outdoor sports training but just told me it has been cancelled due to the temperature. - From the but with a similar sky like now: of and

- From the archive: The replica of a medieval trade sailingship, the cog "Wissemara", on its way into the port of Wismar. The main building of the local ship yard in the background.

Moin!/Good morning! A bit overcast today at first but the sun already peeks through the clouds. Up to 18 degr Celsius, NW 5, gales 6, some rainshowers possible.

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