Moin! / Hi!

Oh, past noon already. Was in town on business and brought two to show that there is not much to see today ... still heavy fog all around.

Have a good day!


Had to be over at - on business this noon and brought some from along the way.

First a comparison: View from Wendorf pier. Three days ago = left, today = right


Had some business to attend to at and brought a few if not from a beach then at least with some "views" of the inner and the harbour entrance.

Have a good day!


Moin!/ Hi!

Frost in the night and sun until now.

Had to check up on something in town and passed by , a creek that turns into small canal before it runs into Wismar harbour and the Baltic Sea.

Lots of there as the moving water is ice free.

Took a few pics along the way.

Have a good day!


So, we finally got enough snow to get out the showels alongside the brooms this morning, but it's still just a few centimeters.

Had to venture out into town this morning and took those of on the way.

Have a good day!

Back from town / some business errands.

There even was a bit of blue sky.

Took some pics on the way:

and a part of the


First coffee after first round of chores in the house.

Still dark outside, with some hail/snow coming down. Wind N 5, gales 6, cloud. Temp. around 0 degr. Celsius.

Have a good day!



What's that fluffy stuff coming down? I mean, here at the southern BalticSea winter means rain or maybe sleet. Well, won't last too long I expect. Rather wet and sloshy. Temp. is about 2 degr. Celsius.

In other news: Back again from looking at an unusal estate (of a former engineer) with the head of the local museum of technology. Not sure yet if he or his colleagues will take some of it, but will see.

And found time for some pics down at the bay afterwards, as the mist had dissolved in the boring rain.

Have a good evening or whatever time lies ahead in your zone ...

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