A sunny day ahead apparently, sun shines through a veil of high cloud. And unseasonal high temp. again today.

Should be fine weather for the cranes to travel.

But as I have some things to attend to in town this morning and get back to the desk afterwards I won't be able to look out for them.

Instead here's old from the .


Uh. After some work outside and preparing (and eating) lunch with the (core) family I had another go at the Hamburg-scribble I started this morning.

Rest of the afterlunch coffee got used for that too ;o).

Better leave it alone now, otherwise it will end up wrecked... So, I declare it to be "finished".

Have a good Sunday!


Huh. Time for a very late lunch (that still has to be prepared).

But first a from the . # ownstuff

- A among . -


Snow nearly completely gone, 10 degr. Celsius temp. and no virtually wind out there on this afternoon at ten past four pm. Birds singing. What a change.

Have a springtime from the .

- Sailing school with onlooking cormorant in Kieler Förde. -

Better half made it home savely, but the way took nearly twice as long as normal. Snow stopped. Time to get some rest.

Have a good night and a from the . (ish)

Buoy tender "MS Sturmmöwe" in the naval channel out of the Kirchsee at Kirchdorf harbour / Poel with Wismar on the horizon in the winter of 2018.

Well, that was a busy day. Looks like the rest of the week won't be much different. We shall see.

Have a from the and a good night / good time whatever your timezone is.

- Lobster creels at Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, UK, in the late 1980s -

Moin! / Hi!

Huh, what a grey and wet day with endless boring drizzle and rain.

Am Leuchtturm Kiel-Friedrichsort / At Kiel-Friedrichsort light house

Infrequent minor showers of snow changed into boring rain around noon. Getting dark again now.

Time for a summer from the :

The "Wissemara" (a replica of a medieval hanseatic cog from Wismar) at Rostock-Warnemünde.


Busy Monday morning, away on business, now at the work desk with another obligation to go to town again later. A little bit of powdery snow overnight.

Have a good day!

- Neolithic burial site in the wood

In case you haven't noticed yet:

A (Myocastor coypus) is really just an uncempt furball swimming in the . With a nose, eyes and ears (all the rest of it being below the waterline) 😉 .

Have a good time!


Hm. Should better start with this ... "exercise" stuff. That belly does look rounder than before the holidays.

Have a good day!

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