In other news:

Young son had fun with the arts assignment again:

Do a " " with selfmade from , and made of ground mixed with some glue on paper prepared with a used or .

As we had no fitting glue at hand we ended up with adding , which made it even more fun. 😉

Promising stuff there (including his sketches) 😎

A sunny day ahead apparently, sun shines through a veil of high cloud. And unseasonal high temp. again today.

Should be fine weather for the cranes to travel.

But as I have some things to attend to in town this morning and get back to the desk afterwards I won't be able to look out for them.

Instead here's old from the .



Busy morning again, with a short business related overland drive. But now back at the workdesk.

A grey cloudy sky, temp. up to about 13 degr. Celsius max., wind SW 4, gales 5 here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Have a good day!

And, if you like an image with a somewhat romantic touch, follow me to with a from the :


Uh. After some work outside and preparing (and eating) lunch with the (core) family I had another go at the Hamburg-scribble I started this morning.

Rest of the afterlunch coffee got used for that too ;o).

Better leave it alone now, otherwise it will end up wrecked... So, I declare it to be "finished".

Have a good Sunday!



Have a good day and a bit oft pre-breakfast .

Will see how this works out.


- Hamburg, 100 years ago -

Huh. Time for a very late lunch (that still has to be prepared).

But first a from the . # ownstuff

- A among . -


Snow nearly completely gone, 10 degr. Celsius temp. and no virtually wind out there on this afternoon at ten past four pm. Birds singing. What a change.

Have a springtime from the .

- Sailing school with onlooking cormorant in Kieler Förde. -

Moin!/Good morning!

The strong easterly winds rattled the roof a bit tonight, but as there was none of those sliding noises, all tiles seem to have stayed where they belong.

So we have -4 Celsius with a mean windchill and the stormy wind outside, but at the moment a faint glimpse of morning sun between the cloud. Still just the small remains of last weeks snow on the ground.

Wind E 7-8 Bft, gales 9 Bft, cloud. Have a good day!

This triangle dragon is getting peckish!

He's waiting for the other dragons in the family lair to rise and get ready for breakfast. - Hm, just snoring and small puffs of smoke from those dragon nostrils everywhere. - Ok then. Dragon will wander off to fetch another coffee and get a toast ...


Evening fun. One of the minors has an arts assignment that is based on that "objects in sketches" thing. Here are our short takes. :)

Well, that was a busy day. Looks like the rest of the week won't be much different. We shall see.

Have a from the and a good night / good time whatever your timezone is.

- Lobster creels at Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, UK, in the late 1980s -

Moin! / Hi!

Huh, what a grey and wet day with endless boring drizzle and rain.

Am Leuchtturm Kiel-Friedrichsort / At Kiel-Friedrichsort light house


Busy Monday morning, away on business, now at the work desk with another obligation to go to town again later. A little bit of powdery snow overnight.

Have a good day!

- Neolithic burial site in the wood


Still blue-grey darkness outside and the raindrops fall against the windows. Wind SW 6-7, gales 7 to 9, further rain. Temp. up to 4 degr. Celsius expected.

So let's mount our horses and donkeys and have another go at the giants (or windmills).

Have a good day!

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