- The metal dragon puppet that hung as a sign near the entrance to the old / & in . - (Building is being taken down bit by bit now to be replaced with a new one housing theatre & museum again later.)

Uh. After some work outside and preparing (and eating) lunch with the (core) family I had another go at the Hamburg-scribble I started this morning.

Rest of the afterlunch coffee got used for that too ;o).

Better leave it alone now, otherwise it will end up wrecked... So, I declare it to be "finished".

Have a good Sunday!



Have a good day and a bit oft pre-breakfast .

Will see how this works out.


- Hamburg, 100 years ago -

Huh. Time for a very late lunch (that still has to be prepared).

But first a from the . # ownstuff

- A among . -


Snow nearly completely gone, 10 degr. Celsius temp. and no virtually wind out there on this afternoon at ten past four pm. Birds singing. What a change.

Have a springtime from the .

- Sailing school with onlooking cormorant in Kieler F├Ârde. -

Just read that apparently some early storks did arrive back in Mecklenburg. Must have been an unpleasant surprise, to get here and land amidst the snow.

On the other hand ... could it be a case of mistaken identity?


Better half made it home savely, but the way took nearly twice as long as normal. Snow stopped. Time to get some rest.

Have a good night and a from the . (ish)

Buoy tender "MS Sturmm├Âwe" in the naval channel out of the Kirchsee at Kirchdorf harbour / Poel with Wismar on the horizon in the winter of 2018.

This triangle dragon is getting peckish!

He's waiting for the other dragons in the family lair to rise and get ready for breakfast. - Hm, just snoring and small puffs of smoke from those dragon nostrils everywhere. - Ok then. Dragon will wander off to fetch another coffee and get a toast ...



A cold breeze from the East blowing here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea, but that wind tore the clouds apart and we got a nice bit of sunshine here right now. First sun for several days. ­čśÄ

Wind E 5 and a gale warning: Easterly gales 7 bis 9 Bft, up to 10 Bft on Sunday over the sea.

Had a walk outside and saw some deer on the fields.

But no sign of that long-nosed springflowerbeetle (="Fr├╝hlingsr├╝ssler")

Have a good day!

Evening fun. One of the minors has an arts assignment that is based on that "objects in sketches" thing. Here are our short takes. :)

Well, that was a busy day. Looks like the rest of the week won't be much different. We shall see.

Have a from the and a good night / good time whatever your timezone is.

- Lobster creels at Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, UK, in the late 1980s -

Moin! / Hi!

Huh, what a grey and wet day with endless boring drizzle and rain.

Am Leuchtturm Kiel-Friedrichsort / At Kiel-Friedrichsort light house

Infrequent minor showers of snow changed into boring rain around noon. Getting dark again now.

Time for a summer from the :

The "Wissemara" (a replica of a medieval hanseatic cog from Wismar) at Rostock-Warnem├╝nde.


Busy Monday morning, away on business, now at the work desk with another obligation to go to town again later. A little bit of powdery snow overnight.

Have a good day!

- Neolithic burial site in the wood

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