Rummaging through some old stuff ...

Have a rough I did some (ahem ... oh-haua-ha 😉 ) years back while in GB, when I was a ERASMUS-student. -

(Spare a thought for all those folks whose plans to 1) study somewhere abroad to improve and 2) study something in their home country at all are going up into smoke right now. - One of the things which really will hit hard in the times to come.)


Moin!/Good morning!

Have a quick and still wet of something meant to be a .

Time for breakfast.

We had planned to see a familiy of close friends today but as things develop this is cancelled for now.

Make it a good day!

- Praha, Karlův most, Staré Město -

A day like a rollercoaster, but now things should be quieting down.

Sun is setting in a stretch of free sky, lighting the blanket of cloud from below and turning the SW of the sky golden.

Have a good evening!

Moin!/Good morning! - Sunrise and a heron passes as clouds are drifting in from SW. Wind SW 4, gales 6. Temp up to 15 degr. Celsius max. expected.

Have a , with the and still drying, showing a freightship at Rostock-Warnemünde in last weeks stormy weather.

But now to work!

And have a fine day!

Moin!/Good morning! -

Grey, dark, overcast, drizzle here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. - Autumn.

Off to work.

Have a nice day!

Well, now let's see if THW can deal with SGFH. (Hope so, but with all those injured players... doubtfull) -

Moin!/Hi! - Hope you had a good weekend so far and have something to look forward to for the remaining time. - Went to visit relatives in another fed. state yesterday and ended up fixing some minor things at their house - which, as things tend to go, led to -four- visits to the DIY-store in 24 hours. Fortuntely that store is only several hundred meters away from their home, so I had eight walks in the sunshine .. and in the end repairs worked out ok, too. -


Just was about to step outside through my office door when I spottet a grashopper sitting there. On the inside.

Succeeded in putting him outside and he happily hopped away (I hope that he's happy ... ).

In other news ... Only hot coffee is good coffee.

Back at the workdesk. - Town was quite full of tourists strolling about - had to do slalomwalking on the way to the points I had to get to on business. - Something from the - Freightship in Kiel Canal -

Moin!/Good morning! Hope you can use your time for better things than fighting bloody battles and building monuments in rememberance afterwards. And then start new wars again. - Have a better day! - Monument to the Battle of the Nations 16.-18. Oct. 1813, Leipzig.

Hi!/Good night! - Pssst! The Silverback sleeps in his favourite corner. And so should you. Have a good night!

Moin!/Hi! Hope you had a good day and wish you a fine evening. Some failed from the in and showing a grey haired fisherman with a pipe. - The ear went up a bit to far and apparently he borrowed his cap from his small grandson. But I like him nonetheless.

Moin!/Good morning! - A cloudy start to the day here at the Baltic Sea, with wind E 5, gales 6 and a gale warning for the coming night as gales increase to 8 Bft. - Have a nice day and a of a concert US-singer Sara Niemietz did in Rostock at Cafe Käthe with W.G. "Snuffy" Walden and his son Will Walden back in 2018.

- abstract scribble in scandinavian stone cut style - 25. September 1066 - Haraldr Sigurðarson dies at Stamford Bridge -

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