Back from a pre work shopping haul.

Not because of "hamstern", but to get the normal stuff one needs with growing boys in the house. The amount of food they devour is just amazing.

Mind you, there is a public holiday in our state on Saturday, so shops will be closed then and people will shift their weekend shopping to today and tomorrow.

But now: To work!

Have a fine day!

Moin!/Good morning!

On a work related walk in the old town center. We shall see what happens if things grind to a halt again soon. About time to react.

Sky is lighting up a bit right now, wind SW 5, gales 7 to 8, easing cloud. Temp. up to 14 degr. Celsius max. expected.

Make it a good day!

Moin! Good morning!

Some clouds about to the E (so: no direct sunlight here now) but a bit more blue to the W. Wind SW 5-6, gales 7, cloudy with gales increasing tomorrow. Temp. up to 13 degr. Celsius max. expected here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Have a good day and a of some from the .

Oh, there is the .

For the first and last time of the day, as it shines between the rim of the clouds and the horizon.

Wohoo. A day of grey, but now we get this evening gala. Still going on. What a sight.

Have a fine evening!

Nunja. Finde die Fehlstellen im Druck. Und nun wollen wir die Herrschaften mal bitten, die Bedingungen für die Ratenschutzversicherung auf den Todesfall des Darlehensnehmers zu schicken, die sich aus dem Vertrag ergibt. Denn die könnte hier eventuell greifen ...

Moin! Good morning!

Time for a first desk coffee and a deep breath.

And then charge the week, horns first.

Have a good start to the day!


Sunday in autumn.

trying to do something in the garden; fixing the light on the bike of the younger offspring (cable broken, needed changing); doing the washing and so on.

And fooling around...

Make it a fine evening!

Moin!/Good morning!

Sun is up. The leaves of the birch tree nearby shine yellow in the morning light.

A gale has pressed down some of the remaining sunflowers in the garden.

I stop to listen and hear that a neighbour apparently has bought some new chickens. From somewhere I hear some sheep.

Some way down the street another neighbour, who has a young toddler, opens his front door, holding a paperbag of fresh rolls.

Kitschy Sunday morning village idyll here today ...

Have a good Sunday!

Rummaging through some old stuff ...

Have a rough I did some (ahem ... oh-haua-ha 😉 ) years back while in GB, when I was a ERASMUS-student. -

(Spare a thought for all those folks whose plans to 1) study somewhere abroad to improve and 2) study something in their home country at all are going up into smoke right now. - One of the things which really will hit hard in the times to come.)


Moin!/Good morning!

Have a quick and still wet of something meant to be a .

Time for breakfast.

We had planned to see a familiy of close friends today but as things develop this is cancelled for now.

Make it a good day!

- Praha, Karlův most, Staré Město -

A day like a rollercoaster, but now things should be quieting down.

Sun is setting in a stretch of free sky, lighting the blanket of cloud from below and turning the SW of the sky golden.

Have a good evening!

Moin!/Good morning! - Sunrise and a heron passes as clouds are drifting in from SW. Wind SW 4, gales 6. Temp up to 15 degr. Celsius max. expected.

Have a , with the and still drying, showing a freightship at Rostock-Warnemünde in last weeks stormy weather.

But now to work!

And have a fine day!

Moin!/Good morning!

After cleaning out the rabbits box and enclosure before sunrise (did I mention those rabbits belong to my wife, by the way?) I heard some geese from the wetlands nearby starting off into the morning sun, but was too late for a decent pic.

Back to the paperwork and the phone.

Have a and a good day!

Moin!/Good morning! -

Grey, dark, overcast, drizzle here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. - Autumn.

Off to work.

Have a nice day!

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