Moin! / Hi!

Oh, past noon already. Was in town on business and brought two to show that there is not much to see today ... still heavy fog all around.

Have a good day!

„Now, human, forget everything around you… Look deep into my eyes… And repeat after me: I – HAVE – TO – GET – MORE – FOOD – FOR – MY – RABBITS!“

Ah, eh, Moin and Hi!

Sorry, can't stay around, feel the sudden urge to fetch some additional food for the rabbits ... See you later. Have a good Sunday!

In other news:

Young son had fun with the arts assignment again:

Do a " " with selfmade from , and made of ground mixed with some glue on paper prepared with a used or .

As we had no fitting glue at hand we ended up with adding , which made it even more fun. 😉

Promising stuff there (including his sketches) 😎


Have a of the from the backyard.

Wind W 5, gales 6 over the western Baltic Sea with some cloud but mostly sunny.

Saw no cranes for some days now; those who stayed here during the last months have apparently moved on in the unexpected warm weather.

But eldest son saw the hunting again in the area while he was out running some days ago and today around noon I saw it passing overhead too.

Have a good day!

- The metal dragon puppet that hung as a sign near the entrance to the old / & in . - (Building is being taken down bit by bit now to be replaced with a new one housing theatre & museum again later.)

A sunny day ahead apparently, sun shines through a veil of high cloud. And unseasonal high temp. again today.

Should be fine weather for the cranes to travel.

But as I have some things to attend to in town this morning and get back to the desk afterwards I won't be able to look out for them.

Instead here's old from the .



Busy morning again, with a short business related overland drive. But now back at the workdesk.

A grey cloudy sky, temp. up to about 13 degr. Celsius max., wind SW 4, gales 5 here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Have a good day!

And, if you like an image with a somewhat romantic touch, follow me to with a from the :


Uh. After some work outside and preparing (and eating) lunch with the (core) family I had another go at the Hamburg-scribble I started this morning.

Rest of the afterlunch coffee got used for that too ;o).

Better leave it alone now, otherwise it will end up wrecked... So, I declare it to be "finished".

Have a good Sunday!



Have a good day and a bit oft pre-breakfast .

Will see how this works out.


- Hamburg, 100 years ago -


Had to be over at - on business this noon and brought some from along the way.

First a comparison: View from Wendorf pier. Three days ago = left, today = right

Huh. Time for a very late lunch (that still has to be prepared).

But first a from the . # ownstuff

- A among . -

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