"In Germany, windows are designed with sophisticated hinge technology that allows them to be opened in various directions to enable varying degrees of Lüften."


But now that you hit on this ... Yes.



Hello, Germany here. Lüften is serious business for us. And these windows are the most useful things ever. Our balcony doors also use this amazing hinge system.
It's nice because we can leave the window open when no one is home without fear of anyone climbing in through the windows because the hinge simply doesn't allow it.

Now I'm going to open my window in my office because it hasn't been lüftet yet.



@kaeedo ' Absolut, aber ich fand es wirklich putzig, das mal wieder vom britischen Standpunkt aus zu sehen. - Fenstertechnik ist dort, gerade in älteren Privathäusern, ja immernoch das Zweitinteressanteste direkt nach "outdoor plumbing". - Gruß von der Ostseeküste 😉

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Sollen wir den Engländern zeigen wie wir warmes und kaltes wasser von gleichen Wasserhahn bekommen?

Gruß von München

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