"In Germany, windows are designed with sophisticated hinge technology that allows them to be opened in various directions to enable varying degrees of L├╝ften."


But now that you hit on this ... Yes.


Moin!/Good morning! - Have a nice day and a view of another small town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Plau am See).

Just told my family about a scene from today: While driving on a stretch of country road in the middle of big fields and lined by trees I passed a house where several male senior citizens leaned on a fence, talking and then facing my lonely car coming down the quiet road. - I drove past and laughed out loud as their heads swerved in unison, watching me passing and shrinking in the distance. - Right like out of a film by the german director Detlef Buck ;o)

Wenn Bund und L├Ąnder eine klare Zweckbindung der Daten aus den Corona-G├Ąstelisten f├╝r Bek├Ąmpfung m├Âglicher Infektionsketten beschl├Âssen, g├Ąbe es vermutlich viel weniger Falschangaben.

Es liegt ein Verfahrensfehler vor, wenn ein Gericht seine tats├Ąchlichen Feststellungen auf "allgemein zug├Ąngliche Quellen im Internet" st├╝tzt, diese aber weder dauerhaft sichert noch in nachpr├╝fbarer Weise bezeichnet.

BFH, Beschluss vom 23.04.2020, X B 156/19


Hi! - Back again. Lot's of landscape under the early autumn sun, nothing really special. - But I brought some pics nonetheless. - A country road; an old barn with a relatively new roof, but close to collapse; a manorhouse built in 1860 in place of an old manorhouse in the same place dating back to the 14th century, today a restaurant and hotel; a cat looking at me 1/2

2/2 ... some sheep in a field and a house in a small village in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a new owner.

Moin!/Good morning! - Last day of September started as yesterday ended (see pics below): - Sunny and clear with only slight wind, SE 2-3, gales 4 Bft. - Temp. up to 18 degr. Celsius expected. - Off to drive over land on business later; maybe I'll find something at the wayside worth taking a pic. - Have a fine day!

It's alive again! Yay! A new (lithium bat. on the mainboard) and a factory reset did the job! - -battery

Moin!/ Good morning! A fresh and clear start to the day with the sun rising through some scattered clouds in the east. After a flock of starlings, flying in a line about 5 to 10 animals deep but streched out over several hundert meters wide, flew overhead when I was out before sunrise and later, when the sun went up, some v-shaped formations of geese had passed by, I finally got hold of the old travelzoombox and at least caught these two cranes passing by in the morning light. Have a good day!

The man in the black suit opened the door of the flat noiselessly, stopped briefly to listen, sneaked through the corridor and stepped into the kitchen.

While he let his right hand move behind the top ledge of the highest cupboard his face suddenly hardened behind his dark glases.

He swore under his breath.

Someone had found the half full packet of his favourite brand of crisps.

Moin!/Good morning! - A bleak and grey morning but dry at the moment here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. - Wind S 4, gales 5 with temp. up to 16 degr. Celsius expected. - Have a good day!

My 2019 book RADICALIZED opens with a novella called Unauthorized Bread, a tale of self-determination vs technical oppression that starts with a Libyan refugee hacking her stupid smart-toaster, which locks her into buying proprietary bread.


I wrote that story after watching the inexorable colonization of every kind of device - from implanted defibrillators to tractors - with computerized controllers that served a variety of purposes, many of them nakedly dystopian.


Moin!/Good morning! Autumn is here with a grey sky and rain starting yesterday afternoon and continuing part of the night. - Have a fine day! -

:gefahr: Bev├Âlkerungsschutzwarnung vom 26.09.2020, 22:09 Uhr f├╝r L├╝beck:

Sturmflutwarnung Ostsee

Der B├╝rgermeister der Hansestadt L├╝beck gibt f├╝r die Bewohner im Bereich Innenstadt und Travem├╝nde bekannt:Im Verlaufe der kommenden Nacht ist an der Ostseek├╝ste und im Bereich der Trave mit Hochwasser zu rechnen. Das Hochwasser wird voraussichtlich eine H├Âhe von ca. 1m ├╝ber den mittleren Wasserstand erreichen.ÔÇŽ



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