Yes, it was a special feeling to stand in the church where one of my greatgrandfathers used to preach as a parish priest over a century ago. And find his name on the panels commemorating former clergy close to the altar.

- At low tide the horizon sometimes disappears and the househills (Warften) on the small islands (Halligen) seem to hoover in the air over water and tidal flats while ferries and boats pass in the naval channels between them and look like they are sailing over the mudflats. A fantastic world. -

Moin!/Good morning! Some old frisian seafarers houses in the village. Brick walls, low ceilings and thatched roofs.

Moin!/Good morning! I guess there must be a special frisian phrase for "Annoying like an in the night." Will have to look that up. Unlike my greatgrandfather I don't speak frisian. Noisy birds they are 😉. - Have a fine day!

Moin!/Hi! Wind 7-8, gales 9 but the horizontal rain stopped :ablobgrin: . Fine weather at the beach of this (= ). Have a fine Sunday.

Moin!/Good morning! Day starts like the last one ended with grey clouds, drizzle interchanging with stronger showers, but a change in wind: light W-NW at the moment, gales 4, with a gale warning for tomorrow W-SW 7-8 Bft. Temp. around 20 Celsius. - Building site is alive and well ... - Passing there I get asked every single time by bike tourists if one can pass through on the way between town and the route out to Poel Island. Yes, there is a way for pedestrians and bikers :) .

- An early morning in February in the Patio de los Leones, twenty years ago. - "Blissfull the eye that sees this garden of beauty." is written on the egde of the Well of the Lions. -Andalus

Moin!/Good morning! After grey clouds yesterday and some rain in the night, July (yes, congrats, we made it through the first half of the year!) starts with a spell of sunshine. Have some ... and ... and a fine morning all!

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