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it has been stress tested and is officially allowed to fly. (flight approval) the colleague uses it incorrectly. first the surface must be cleaned with an alcohol (metaclin). he must also not touch the adhesive surfaces with the palms of his hands. a ridiculous representation of a really good adhesive tape. 👷✈️

Did you know there will be a LIVE STREAM from the DRACO camera onboard DART as it comes in to impact the binary asteroid Dimorphos??

Get the links at dart.jhuapl.edu and follow along as humanity tests our ability to redirect asteroids🚀

#DARTMission #PlanetaryDefense #NASA

When you've mobilised the RSPB you've really hashed it

RT @RSPBEngland@twitter.com

⚠️😡Make no mistake, we are angry. This Government has today launched an attack on nature. We don’t use the words that follow lightly. We are entering uncharted territory. Please read this thread. 1/13

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RSPBEngland/status

Oh well.

Seeing one of the sons rummage in his room and collecting all those things he'll take with him when he leaves for university this weekend makes me think and ... swallow.

More than once.

I mean he's well prepared and it's all right and time now, but ... well, you know.

Sigh. :ms_shrug:

The public needs to hear from trusted experts that they are not only being failed but also deceived. Promises of ‘net zero by 2050’ will not avert catastrophe.

How can governments be held to account if citizens don’t know?

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An der Hochschule Wismar hat ja diese Woche mit der Begrüßung der Ersties und anschließendem "Ersti-Rummel" das Semester angefangen. Willkommen in HWI denn mal.

Und wenn am Wochenende dann das Campus Open Air Wismar (keine Tickets mehr) auch durch ist, geht's langsam los.

Ob das Wetter aber noch für Beachvolleyball taugt ... mal sehen.

Stumbled about this in the extras of "2001"

TIME Magazine Cover: Race for the Moon - Dec. 6, 1968 - Space Exploration - Moon -

Leider habe ich kaum Reichweite, aber bitte lest das und teilt es.

Es ist aus den News eines NRW Energieerzeugers, Windkraft aus der Region hier. Von Wolfgang Kiene, Geschäftsführer Maka Windkraft. makawind.de

#Energiekrise #energiepreise #strompreise #EE
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