Moin! /Good morning!

Dull, grey and foggy morning. November is finally getting at me. Huh.

A real mountain of paperstuff on the desk does not really improve things. Deep breath and on with it.

Have a good day!


Wait what!? Someone out there started a motor lawnmower. If he has not fitted decent headlights to it this could turn risky: It will be pitch black dark outside in about 5 minutes from now. Strange. :blobthinking:

Huh. First coffee after finally powering up the computer.

Normal proceedings here were abandoned today when one of the offspring came back from his way to school with an aching wrist after a bike-mishap on the way. - So, after four hours at the surgery and an x-ray we are now back again and happily the wrist is not broken (again) ...

So the rest of the (sunny') day here should now work out

Hope you had a better start to the week!

Moin!/ Good morning!

and with "Krteček" (Czech. for "little mole").

Have a fine Sunday!

Hm. What a dull and drizzly day. Managed to fit in some work in the garden though. Rapidly getting dark now.

Have a of at the mouth of / .

Moin!/Good morning!

... And, when all the family is up, breakfast.

Have a good Saturday!

In other news: Someone in the household broke his Mint Tricia installation and after due time I suspect it was because of an added proprietary graphics-driver.

All in all I'm quite, no, -very- tired now.

Have a fine evening!

Uff. - Know that feeling when you 1) needed that important piece of paper frequently at hand, 2) then decided that it was so important you better put it away safely in a part of a three volume file, 3) forgot about 2) and, some days later, searched frantically for a single loose sheet of paper intermittently for hours and 4) after biting into the desk and searching the whole file page for page 2) dawns on you and you find the paper tucked away safely at the back of volume three?! - No? Ok.


Back at the work desk after a drive.

Weather begs for a photosafari with time and a decent camera. But as I sadly have neither at the moment, a pic taken along the way withh the mobile will probably be all for today.

Moin!/Good morning!

Sunrise after a clear and cold night with frost on the roof of the shed and the moss in the grass. Some cloud on the horizons around, but here we got a spot of blue sky for the moment.

Have a good day!

Für die #Masterarbeit eines vertrauenswürdigen Freundes zum Thema #Phishingangriffe werden Unternehmen mit max 250 Mitarbeiter:innen für eine #Studie gesucht, welche Cloud Office Umgebung wie Google Docs/MS O365 nutzen. Ein #Phishing-Training ist Teil der Studie.



Noon break.

As I see there are some dubious guys loitering in Underhill by the Sea. Hobbits beware!

Das wollte ich einfach mal teilen, ein Artikel, in dem das Thema zur #ePA gut erläutert wird. Wichtig: Die feingranulare Steuerung des Dokumentenzugriffs ist natürlich nicht erst seit 2020 Thema, sondern eher schon seit 2010 :-(

Moin!/Good morning!

10 degr. Celsius. Wind SW 7 is pushing the clouds eastward for the moment. And we got a gale warning from today 06:00 UTC to Friday 00:00 Uhr UTC: 8 to 10 Bft for the western and southern Baltic Sea.

I suspect you need a friendly in the timeline this morning. So, here you are.

First coati (in German: "Nasenbär") of the day.

Have a good day!

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