Moin!/Hi! Brought you some from the of the "New Court" building of the 16th century in with its grim # lion at the vaulted ceiling.

Moin!/Hi! So, here is a / small I did of the on the Danish island of Møn, at , where the coast is up to 128m high and you can, on a clear day, look across the to the German island of Hiddensee.

Moin!/Hi! / Quick of an old cargoship leaving Hamburg port, like it would have looked about 1950-60.

Moin!/Hi! A of yesterdays . The wind had turned to northnorthwest again and brought clouds and .

Moin!/ Good morning! Wind changed to west-southwest again. First look outside brings an unexpected surprise: The closed blanket of here at the southern shore of the Baltic since last autumn ...

tipp: beim zdf gibts grad beide staffeln ijon tichy zum streamen: - fernsehgold :)

Moin!/ Hi! The storm from the north has passed. The clouds, bringing rain and snow, raced south. While the usual spots (lower lying crossroads and part of a sandy parking space at the local harbour) saw some flooding, no real damage seems to have followed. Beaches around here where under water, so there will have been erosion and there may have been some erosion at the hight coast too. Now the sun is out again, but its cooler than yesterday, when I took this of a .

Moin!/Good morning! I snapped a quick pic of in the for you. Have a good day!

Moin!/Hi! over . And the wind has turned to north. And we have a flood warning for Sunday for the harbour area.

Moin!/Hi! So, we had a whole week of clear skies. In northern Germany. In march. Hm. - Well, well, have a of a part of with .

Moin!/Hi! Have a of the outer and turning area of the port of at the southern shore of the

Moin!/ Good morning! As many parts of life are still brought to a halt one has to watch things alertly. All the best! , but

Good night all! - Was in town this morning for some essential errand and took this of the , the old & in the town square. Look closely and you will see the which form the at the corners of the roof.

Moin!/Hi! Have a of 15th/16th century houses from . Cold and clear day again.

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