The Helix text editor is pretty cool out-of-the box. I got Rust, C#, and Vala working relatively easy. Looks fancy by default as well as came with several themes. I love looks okay. It also feels fast.

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Insomniac Games had a game editor written with web technologies. It sounds ridiculous. It's abandoned though and eventually write new editor in Qt.

deplinenoise.files.wordpress.c For this kind of movement, I find tween is really enough.

I was using KinematicBody for jumping but that doesn't work well with swipe input.

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Godot 3.5 gets SceneTreeTween from Godot 4. I have never tried tween before but this is amazing. The built-in transition and ease presets create nice animation.

I'm using it to create simple character movement, jump and slide. 4 LoC for jump (2 jump up, 2 fall down), 2 for sliding.

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Eye contact 

Now that normal classes are back, I can finally use campus' facilities. Campus' PC is literally the fastest PC I've ever worked with. I can have a Blender scene with 1,900,000 vertices, and it would still smooth to operate. Currently rendering some stuff with it:D

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I used to read or just quick scan a book in school library about developing apps for Symbian OS with Delphi. I don't understand much at that time.

But I realize now that Delphi is a language that I rarely hear today. Silly but I like the name.

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I'm tired of people think of me being able to do 3D modelling, thinks I can do animations (as in videos/television) too.

1. I never explore much about animation, don't have an interest to it compared to video games.
2. Mainly because when I think of animations, I think of offline rendering which is just out of my hardware capabilities. Rendering a single frame can take 1-2 hours.

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I've been doing a to-do list with Rust. It's simply just allow read/write list and save them into JSON, no task tracking, because I kind of needed a program as simple as that 2 weeks ago but not really any more because I've spent a week writing this instead.

But this has been a nice way to give Rust another try. And the way this works is actually quite flexible, which I have another idea to make Cataphract into something else as a different project.

I have been writing Rust stuff using GNOME Builder without code suggestion because somehow rust-analyzer doesn't want to work.

Turns out I have to setup the $PATH var on the build environment on GNOME Builder. Because I guess it's supposed to run rust-analyzer on the build environment.

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