@wabbster I'm doing better than a half year ago. We made it through two waves of the worst in Europe with our sanity and health somehow intact. Got jabbed. We're having a mercifully mild spring, so the garden is growing well. Both children are doing well.

How are you?

@tfb Surviving the second wave and a fascist government. No shots yet. 🙁

@wabbster Keep your head up. Most of us will survive to keep fighting.

Things here look real bad politically too. That our right-wing extremists mostly pretend that their hatred of Muslims isn't based on religion, is small comfort

@stux I know mate. How have you been? I am very impressed with your new hosting company btw. All the best!

@wabbster No worries at all, glad you’re back!♥️😸 I’m doing good thank you! And thanks! :stuxhost: :blobcathearts: How are you doing?♥️

@stux I'm doing okay. If you've been reading the news about India, you'd know it's a shit show. For now, my family and I are safe. 🙂

@wabbster I have :sad_dog: its bad indeed! Good luck mate! I’m glad you and your family are safe♥️♥️

@stux Do you think it's a good idea to have an India specific instance of Mastodon? Can you help me figure it out?

@wabbster Could be! The more the better I think♥️😸 Surely I can!

Start reading this: docs.joinmastodon.org => The part for your own server

@stux Can you recommend the type of hosting I should get? I'm not a very technical person. I have GoDaddy hosting but they won't help would it?

@wabbster You’ll need a VPS for this 😉 i think you have shared hosting currently?

@wabbster muy bien, debo estudiar un chingo pero sobreviviré, y usted gentil persona?

@tusken 🙂 I'm fine. Sorry, I'm not very good at Spanish.

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