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'tis the season to be wary, fa la la la la la la la la,
Sanitizers you must carry, fa la la la la la la la la.

Cover your mouth when you sneeze, fa la la la la la la la la...

Be kind to everyone, please, fa la la la la la la la

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Tamilian. Living in Bangalore. Married to a Maharashtrian. Cross breed kiddo. 🤣

Other family members include 3 cats (Simba, Ozzy and Albie), and a doggo (Kuttinai). I'm here for some sensible discussion and less name calling and trolling!

Have a strange habit of sharing kiddy songs and boosting my old toots.

I toot about life with and try my best to help others going through problems.

Beer lover, rum+coke enthusiast and pizza addict.

Sometimes, just knowing basic HTML helps. 😁

Good morning Mastodoston! May this week bring you all the happiness in the world!

We can now add “Blindness” to a list of deadly communicable diseases. R0 of 100+, spreads through speech. ‘Stupidity’ made it to the the list of Global pandemics a few days back - since it started in India we should call it the Indian Virus, maybe?

I shouldn't have shaved yesterday. Awful razor meant multiple cuts that are in a constant state of burn. Plus, I look older than I'm in my 40s or something.

me: why is the washing machine not working
lenin: i put the power to do that within the vanguard party
me: why
lenin: ugh, read state and revolution you bitch

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me: why is the electric bill so high
leon trotsky: the washing machine
me: what about it
trotsky: must be kept in permanent revolution

Rajnath Singh: people are getting restless. We need to do something.

Modi Ji: nationwide clapping again?

RS: something new

NM: chanting Jai Shri Ram?

RS: "seculars" will have a problem with it

NM: Diwali in april?

*everyone* Waah Modiji Waah!!

Okay. Just watched a video by someone called Jaya Madan who has explained why 5th April, 9PM and 9 minutes are scientifically linked to killing Coronavirus. I am beginning to root for the virus.

Itni bhakti hume dena daataaa...
Man ka vishwas corona maraata...

I have a simple flowchart to understand American politics and government. it is entirely linear, so it should be easy to understand

there exists a social problem
it gets ignored by anyone with power
it gets worse
someone figures out how to make money from making the problem worse
a brain genius figures out a way to fuck the numbers so that it looks like the problem isn't as bad as it is. this is adopted as the official measure. people still lie and say that this number is better than it is.
someone in power passes a law that makes the entrepreneur above even more filthy rich
people's lives are miserable and many of them die due to this completely fucking preventable problem
news breaks that this is somehow even fucking worse than anyone thought
loop back to step 1 can now be used as a web app! Just pin it on your home screen🥳

@KayKap @wabbster
Everyone is sharing awesome facts. This is amazing. I suppose everyone is having a really good time.

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