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Tamilian. Living in Bangalore. Married to a Maharashtrian. Cross breed kiddo. 🤣

Other family members include 3 cats (Simba, Ozzy and Albie), and a doggo (Kuttinai). I'm here for some sensible discussion and less name calling and trolling!

Have a strange habit of sharing kiddy songs and boosting my old toots.

I toot about life with and try my best to help others going through problems.

Beer lover, rum+coke enthusiast and pizza addict.

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I think #MastoMonday is a very good place to ask this question: would you rather only keep twitter or mastodon, or do you think both should be kept (as in, having an account on both)?

Boosts welcome ^^

No cook/nanny today and probably for this entire week. Expect angry toots.

Fuck off, Tapsee. You're petitioning to promote your movie. Don't be like Aamir Khan.

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Monday should really be called FuckOffDay

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According to our freshly minted CEA the cost of a thali today is 29% less than what it was in 2015( veg) and 18% less for non-veg.

I don't know what he eats (humble pie?) or drinks ( gau mutra?) or who he hangs out with ( Baba Ramdev?)

Hilarious read!

Kingfisher beer is probably the only reason why I don't want to move out of India.

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" The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river...
like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time. "
~ Rabindranath Tagore

📍Wah Taj 🧡

#SundayThoughts #TajMahal #Love

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My dog was holding a chew in her mouth and it made it look like she has goofy teeth

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Thomas Alva Edison was not a great scientist. He was just another capitalist.🤷‍♂️

That's it.
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Good morning Mastodoston. How's Monday Eve going for you?

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20 trillion cubic feet gas in KG Basin evaporated to thin air!

1.76 lakh crores notional loss became a national joke!

3350 tonnes gold shrinks to just 160 kg!

How many will really turn up to cheerleading for Trump from that 10 million target?

A land of jumalas 🤣

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Cop lost his balance on the train and accidentally gave me a lapdance. I wasn't really feeling it but I still stuck a single into his belt just to be polite.

Aunt wants me to set up a website. Thinking of setting one up on Wix. Thanks to @musafir for introducing me to Wix.

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