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How available is healthy food in your community? Please feel free to talk about why you chose your answer. If healthy food is unaffordable, I'd consider that the same as being unavailable.

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Sorry, still figuring out how this thing works. Thanks for bearing with me. Link to introduction post but for people who are already following me (the whole fediverse doesn't need to know), but this time I can pin it on my profile (I think):

why are they always summoned,
from earth or sea or lake?
guess doing evil science
was a monster-sized mistake

amazing how you can get arrested for being in a public place because you aren't sitting in a sufficiently expensive metal box while doing so

Unauthorized Community Garden Progress 

Earlier this spring, I planted several kinds of seed, as well as a native shrub, in an unmaintained parking lot to help feed my homeless neighbors. I thought I'd give an update on the project.

So far, the serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) is simply thriving, which I'm pretty pleased about. It looks enough like it's supposed to be there that if stuff got torn down, they might spare it.

Peas are coming along well, looking healthy. I saw what I think is the corn sprouting, up to a couple inches, and I'm hoping it does well. I planted some herbs the other day, basil and chives, and I haven't noticed anything yet.

I planted a couple zucchini in some groundcover and one looks like it's just beginning to sprout. I forgot where I put the other one. I planted rosemary and sunflowers, and more recently yarrow, but haven't seen them.

car rant 

I get so angry about driving because it stresses me the hell out, and I'm not even the kind of driver to get worked up and road rage or whatever. Even when things are fine and there's no traffic, it's still dangerous because I could fall asleep or hit an animal or fallen tree branch, and that could be the end of my life.

I don't know how people can look at a system like that and say that this is how it's meant to be, and that they prefer it. I think they prefer it to the alternatives they have, but not to the alternatives there COULD BE.

And some people are just so unimaginative that they refuse to engage in the idea that public transport could be FREE and USEFUL if we made the necessary changes.

I was driving in Eugene today and it fucking sucked and I wish I could just take affordable high-speed rail to wherever I needed to go. I hate driving, I hate driving in cities, and it would be so much easier if instead, there were a train driver doing the work for me and a ton of other people instead. And no, Amtrak as it currently exists will not suffice

@enby_of_the_apocalypse @LunaDragofelis

I consider forcing everyone to be "morning people" actively harmful and dangerous, I suspect its a contributory factor to many road traffic collisions and industrial accidents, particularly when workers are forced to drive long distances with insufficient sleep due to work requirements..

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

like I think???? I want in in the action but it terrifies the FUCK out of me

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dear people who are flirty/horny on main: you have social skills I do not possess and I have no idea how you do it

when fascists even look at me 😷
when leftists interact 😘🥰

add alt text to your photos or i will Get you

all religions must add an amongus holiday effective immediately


Look, don't look
At me that way.
Lookin' long, lookin' hard,
Looking wrong at me today.
You've been looking at me
Looking dead inside.
"Look out! Look alive!
Look clean and smart and all!
Look lively, look friendly,
and look
Look around, look up,
Looking down on me.
Lookin' at you givin' a look at me
as I look down on myself.
But look, be it as it may,
I look up now! (No thanks to you.)
And take a look!
I'm givin' no looks in any way.
I look fine, I'm looking good,
Looks like I'm looking out.
Don't like the way I look?
That's okay -
Maybe you should look away.

race stuff 

Man, with the way white people look at me, it kind of makes me wish I were white sometimes. Not to look like them, but so that they wouldn't see me.

Well, I went to the plant sale they were having at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, and while the staff were quite nice, I got some nasty looks from quite a few people. I legitimately don't know if it's the way I dress (hoodie and jeans??), my race, my age, or what.

Remember, if it doesn't come from the Roma region of Italy, it's just a sparkling tomato


I actually have no idea what "subtoot" means, I just think it sounds funny

I'd appreciate it if someone could explain it though


There's a part of me that knows that if the cops caught wind of me growing stuff on borrowed land, they probably wouldn't care. But it kills me knowing that if they knew the food growing there was for my homeless neighbors, they'd destroy it in a heartbeat.

Everyone in the local government here hates the homeless and it makes me so angry, and feel sort of hopeless. I look at the guys camping down at my patch, and they're no different than anyone else. We chat about what frustrates us, and what's going on in the neighborhood because we have each other's backs.

I feel safe around them. I don't feel safe for a second around the cops.

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