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I designed this for a pro-USPS campaign this fall, I have a MILLION of them still would anyone like one???

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hi yall! I just made the jump over here thanks to @queervengeance and and I am so stoked 😍 I'm Reign (they/she) and I'm an artist, writer, environmental chemist, gardener, anarchist, witch and dreamer of a just future.

Has anyone else been watching Wonder Egg Priority?

To everybody to whom I sent a postcard; they should start arriving soon if they havent already and I would LOVE if you would share a picture of them in their new home :) backstory: the cat on them is actually MY cat and he's very adventurous, so I would love to see all the places he gets to travel.

Hey fedis- i just acquired a few books that are in German (i think) and also in a difficult to read font (because they are around 100 years old) Would anyone be willing to translate the title pages for me so that I know what Im looking at?

Can you choose to be a shitposter or does the shit posting life choose you?

Im thinking about exploring some other instances, and Ive seen some great threads of recommendations, but I think Im still window shopping. Anyone have a pitch for their favorites?

Im primarily looking for somewhere I can get more climate justice/regenerative ag/queer homemaking/community care talk in my feed.

happy holidays, everyone! boost if u can 🖤
I got paid yesterday, pulled rent aside and now my bank account has $20 in it to last me 15 days 😅 I’m gunna throw out the option in case anyone is able/wants to donate a bit to help tie us over to the next pay week 😅 It would be amazing 🖤
venmo: @dumbbitchhours
cashapp: $dbdbdb1312

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ID 3 of 3: a cute white masc-enby with light green hair lays curled up in a grey armchair, wearing a gingerbread man onesie and cuddling a small grey cat

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ID 2 of 3: a white person with red hair open-mouth smiles while wearing a red fleece pajama top with cartoon sushi characters and a black robe.

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ID 1 of 3: a white hand holds a stemless wine glass, on which is etched drawings of the compounds found in white wine

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Yeah I'm having a good holiday :ablobcatheart:

What are yalls favorite traditions of the day??? My fam's are watching the Princess Bride, a secret santa PJ exchange, and trying to put bows on our cats' heads.

I’ll be re-posting some of my faves here so they may live on in a better place

Looking to find more non-white folks who are #trans , #nonbinary and/or #wlw
so interact w this and say hi if you are
(White ppl can boost) ❤️🌈

Everybody who Ive talked to about getting a postcard/letter/package- Im bringing them to the post office TOMORROW!


This is the first White Christmas that we've had here in YEARS and its a doozy lol 🥺 happy holidays to everyone who celebrates, and to those who don't I hope the rest of 2020 treats you kindly.

Normalise giving gifts that don't cost much or anything at all

Normalise gifts that didn't come from a store or a shop

Normalise non-reciprocation in gifts and not expecting anything in return

Normalise giving gifts at any occasion for celebration or just for the hell of it, not just a few times a year

Normalise generosity


hey, it's christmas morning
i didn't exactly eat anything yesterday other than a single sandwich since we're low on food
if you'd like to help out with me being able to eat something more substantial, this is my paypal

(please don't donate if you can't, i don't want to take away from other people's money if they don't have stability and can just make it back)

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


if my doctor actually ends up renewing my antipsychotic and antidepressant, i'll need $30-ish to pick them both up tomorrow

and i WOULD have enough money to buy groceries tonight, except AAA is gonna take like seven to ten days to refund me for that wrongful charge so i need like $50 for that

oh!!! and i almost forgot, i'm gonna need $60 to pay my california health insurance that's due in in a week

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i've been too afraid to apply at anything facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll probably die


venmo/cashapp: vantablack420

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


It's snowing where I live. I just took a walk down the street from my house to where my aunt and her family live to deliver some gifts and let me tell you... it was magical.

My doods, my soul fruits, my precious globs!! I'm still refining my approach and considering turning the designs into larger-scale paintings, and one day plotting out murals. And stickers/prints perhap.. tatts? Who knows. Still only a wee babs in the art game, feedback and medium/exposure tips much appreciated @aRtwork #mastoart #art

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