Gotta love a product which is so far away from the real thing, you can't call it cheese any more. Still, went well with my fake burger. All is well in Simulacrum Town. 🧀

being all nice and snowy since Sunday. The last time it snowed this much was in 2018, I think. Bird feeder in garden getting lots of magpie and squirrel action. 🐿️

If was a car, it would need a tarot reading from that one bloke in Devon every time you get the tires changed, and you would never be allowed to know how many previous owners it's had. That's how muddy it seems.

The thing that gets me the most in the Queen's consent story is how little is known about how it all works. Like, every law and democracy expert in this country is basically just saying "AFAIK it's always been there." Nothing else is known. Dude, I'm not letting my car mechanic give me no deep magic sh*t, why should I accept secrecy from the folks who literally run this place?

to Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack. Might even start decluttering the house (which, full disclosure, rarely involves throwing barrels or crates at stuff).

Yesterday was the first day in a long while without any or for me. It felt necessary. These Jan/Feb days are always low-energy days, and makes the lows even more pronounced. I guess I need to cut myself some slack. I'm not always going to be the super-productive multipotentialite which others take me for.

Also, a half-remembered dream: I was helping someone pick the best coffee from a supermarket and somehow ended up recommending Marmite-flavoured coffee beans to them.

Snowing in - but horizontally :) A good day to stay in with lots of tea/coffee and plan revenge.

Morning all. For a world in which calendars have no meaning any more, there sure seem to be a lot of Mondays around. :blobcatangery:

Trying to upgrade my to . Lines on terminal aren't shouting error messages at me anymore so I guess we're good.

Getting ready to go outside tomorrow morning for the first time in forever. Indoor is OK but I need the outdoors, and tomorrow looks like the first passable day for a long while here in . 🚴

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El Gilbert U-238 Laboratorio de Energía Atómica considerado el juego más peligroso de todos los tiempos y te lo explico El estadunidense Alfred Carlton Gilbert fue el creador del singular laboratorio Su empresa fundada en 1909 era conocida por crear juegos realistas que acercaban la ciencia y la magia a tal grado que en su set de biología incluía insectos reales para su estudio y en el de química los niños tenían que fundir plomo para crear soldaditos de juguete

A good game of on Spelltable. I like my Simic deck doing Simic stuff. Putting the Vic in Victory :D

Hey everyone, I finally settled on the name for my 1st album

Good old 🧠. Really on a roll these days/nights. I had a dream that I was really mad at X., and then I woke up and for 5 minutes was still mad at X until I realised I'm awake and there is no need to be mad. :blobcatPuffyDizzy:

Had the same dream 3x : waking up and leaving my bedroom and starting my day, only to be confused by some fantastic detail like a bathroom fan talking back at me.
I think this time I'm awake for real. But who knows 😎

Spent the last two days setting up my Substack newsletters. Feels good to have a space again, and energy to plan what to write.

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