This weekend: recce before house hunting in Glasgow. 900 miles behind the wheel. Made like Johnny Mnemonic and demanded room service.

Man Vs Entropy: unfucking the Tupperware drawer.

"You know you don't have to go just because it's not raining."

Am at the stage of my life when food, on the whole, becomes a more or less successful excuse to mainline Sriracha hot sauce 🔥

It's Friday, it's pizza day, it's deadline-shipping day, and Tears for Fears are back with a really good song. All good I guess!

This is why I'm double-jabbed and double-masked; Covid is a dice I never want to roll. Good writing from Ben Hayes.

My phone's fingerprint scanner when I try to log in after a :

Jokes aside - I know that schools, communities, whole countries rely on to do their work, pay their bills, support each other etc. Whether or not they should get so dependent on infrastructure is one thing; whether or not you should keep billions of cat videos on the same rails as millions of livelihoods is the more important question IMHO

Syd Barrett was in Pink Floyd. He was a genius. Then he got erratic, a nuisance, a disaster during performances, and started messing with other bandmates' lives. One day, before a gig, people were driving around town, picking band members up, and then someone was like, "Shall we go pick up Syd?" and others were like, "Let's just not bother," and that's all it took for Syd Barrett to stop being part of Pink Floyd.
What I'm saying is, and and are Syd Barrett, and let's just not bother turning them back on again. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Sounds like because and are down, my next door neighbours reverted to shouting at each other. Yay.

Me: ...but-but this cost me 10 pounds, how come it tastes like burnt bone broth?
Every North coffee shop ever:

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Scientists encountered the alien-like Planctoteuthis squid on a deep ROV dive

I mean, APART from the moment when it took an hour, and the moment when it covered the bathroom in hair, and the moment when I cut through my ear, I'm pretty chuffed with my head shave today

I'm in London. There are tons of apples rotting away in orchards in Kent, a 45min drive away, unpicked. But it somehow makes business sense in 2021 Britain to fly or ship these in from LITERALLY the other side of the planet. Yay capitalism.

I realized I was on my way to doomscroll through my Friday night unless I decided otherwise, so I plugged this guy in and improvised a bit. Damn, this felt good.

“O October
You are the time of poetry which means of total daring
to start one's life again with every passing second”
(Czeslaw Milosz)

What's that saying they have about the definition of insanity? Anyway, up local hills MANY times finally paid off.

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