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Whoop! @glynmoody's new book, "Walled Garden", is now available for download. I am looking forward to reading this.

No money. No registration. Just a click.

PDF, ePub, and .mobi.

(£6.99 for a printed version:

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I'll be visiting on the 22nd Sept, (Thu), around round lunchtime. Coffee? Lunch? Walk? Message me if you want to meet up.

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This week I opened registrations on a new instance focused on fitness/exercise 🏃 🏊 🏋️

All welcome, no matter how often, or how hard you 'train'. It's meant to be a chill space for encouragement and sharing!

Details (and Code of Conduct):

Register here:


Liz Truss got 83,000 votes and became prime minister.

That's 0.12% of UK's total population.

It's as if Bath or Chester or Lincoln decided for everyone else in the UK.

It's as if half of Dulwich (hint: the white, male half) decided for the whole of London.

It's (by weight) as if your tongue made all the decisions for the whole of your body.

And when I say "decisions", I mean "ideas that won't upset the Queen or her lawyers too much".

Democracy, my ass.

Overheard on Focusmate:

"I'm going to move downstairs and begin my experiment, so during this session, I want to finish the alignment of my laser."

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From 22 Aug: The Brooklyn Public Library Gives Every Teenager in the U.S. Free Access to Books Getting Censored by American Schools - We have covered it before: school districts across the United States are increasingly censoring boo... #books #current-affairs

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Amplifying a call for zine contributions: Bike Joy 

Cyclista Zine call for collaborations are open for issue 7! For this issue, BIKE JOY, we are accepting stories, visual art, photography, thoughts, poetry, rants, essays, how-to’s, mini zines and doodles all related to themes of being “BIKE JOY”. BIPOC, trans/queer folks of color, and disabled folks are especially encouraged to submit their work.

Deadline: Oct 15, 2022

This week, I'm to:

- Adrian von Ziegler / Lukasz Kapuscinski, "For the Pack": if Geralt of Rivia had to sit down for an hour-long rune study session, this would be his music.

- Thievery Corporation, "Saudade" and Da Lata, "Songs From The Tin" - because my revenge vacation to Portugal is coming, but not here yet!

- Bear McCreary, "Black Sails OST" - all things McCreary sound great to me, and his band's rendition of "Parson's Farewell" is a pretty good caffeine substitite. From a criminally under-rated TV show whose re-watch I'm saving for this winter.

- Matt Eason, "Ambient ScotRail Beats" - lo-fi of your choice plus random ScotRail train announcements. Weird, wonderful wanderlust.

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Get your lo-fi ambient ScotRail beats here! After an odd freedom-of-information request resulting in a two-hour audio clip that has been added to a generator!

Ambient ScotRail Beats

#scotland #scotrail #lofibeats #rail

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🕹️ My latest post,
" would survive the upcoming vibe shift - here's why"

is now live here: 👇🏻

This week, I'm for:

- ☕ Folks who work night shifts (well, any shifts) at motorway service stations, and decide to serve your midnight double espresso with a free shot of banter, so the laughter keeps you awake at the wheel

- 🪟 A window by my desk, overlooking the main street leading to a dog-walking park (if we're on a Teams call and my face suddenly lights up with joy, don't flatter yourself - it's probably Archie the old dachshund 🐶)

- 😷 FFP3 face masks (one week, 2 airports, 2 flights and 1700 miles later, still looks like no )

- ⚽ That Russo backheel (still not over it)

- 💬 New conversations with old friends, and old conversations with new friends

- 🚗 Cruise control (literal and metaphorical)

This week, I'm on:

- a course on "The Power of the Question" (all Rage Against the Machine connotations entirely premeditated)
- Making checks and fixes to online workbook and revision guide questions, ensuring they work and are consistent
- The best and easiest way to migrate courses from one platform to another
- reviews and updates of archive articles
- Serenity.

This week, I'm :

- 💬 - re-learning this, in another practical setting: Markdown powers my blog, so it's great to be able to find another real-life use for it.
- 📝 Lots about alt text, and how to make the most out of 255 characters of plain text.
- 🐍The pros and cons of object-oriented programming.
- 🏊‍♂️ Economy of movement during long distance (look up Ocean Walker technique if you're interested).

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"Take the weakest thing in you / and then beat the bastards with it" (Stars)
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joined r/unionsolidarity and sent my bf links about labor unions as the painters union was boasting 46% pay increase for unionized workers 😌

join or organize a union in ur workplace today

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