apparently I locked myself out of discord because the email adress linked to it has been deleted (I forgot I was using it for that) :(


All this because I'm trying to install ubuntu, which took me like 30 minutes on my laptop, but this pc has so many protections in place, I'm starting to lose hope

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very nice of you to retoot but if anyone has solutions I'll take them

Ive been trying to disable secure boot to install linux, for hours, and its IMPOSSIBLE

I'm gonna say something so controversial that it's gonna need a CW 

I'm happy to announce we've finally reached the Fediverse's End of History, or as I like to call it, Pax Mastodonya~

donald trumps monads account is low energy. sad!

to all the centre-right-who-think-theyre-centre-left ppl who ever told me that nazi discourse on the internet was "ironic" and "just a meme", a warm fuck you again

(just in case, I know that's not how it works, that's the joke)

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I like following bots that toot cute stuff, but if they could, like, understand at what moment they should take a break? thank you

it's the same at every single street protest: the fascists come unprepared, ill-organised, and generally incredibly fucking weak, but they are protected by an army of cops and have the entire weight of the establishment behind them

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45, US Politics, Fascism, White Violence 

Two things can be true at once: that Trump is not that different from previous presidents *and* that this situation is uniquely dangerous. Some leftists and centrists both underestimated not only 45 himself but more importantly the violently authoritarian and racist capabilities of their fellow Americans.
Fascism never takes hold because of one person. 71+ million people voted for him, and a solid percentage of those are fully signed up for the worst of what he had to offer.
They tried voting, they tried the Judiciary, they tried the electoral college - in the end white supremacist capitalist patriarchy always comes down to violence. It always will, sooner or later. Maybe you ignored it when it was BLM getting beaten up, but this is where that was always bound to lead.
Police violence IS white supremacist terrorism. You let the run wild and it will spread, even to its own halls of power.
Maybe we'll really do something about it now.

#Capitol #coup #whitesupremacy #trump

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