is that an erection in your pocket or are you about to shoot me

Which instance are the funny ppl on? I need to leave this one because I am annoyed with it

somewhere out there is the world's only anprim transhumanist

Under anarchoprimitivism, small tribes of post-apocalyptic people will finally have the freedom to invent their own anime instead of being yoked to the anime thrust on them by society. They can invent stories about magical girls who transform into heroines who magically don't die of sepsis at 45

I know of a great "buy one, get many for free" deal, it's called shoplifting

he/hims be eatin noodles for breakfast, toxicly

Why did no one tell me that earth has had a second little moon for 5 years?

reassuring the landlords turned out to be harder than putting out the fire, actually (I'm exaggerating, it was very stressful)

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