cross dressing is hot and all but let me tell you about a stud who "got nailed" while "cross dressing"

his name is jesus

me: straight people love having bad sex lmao not everyone has the spoons to have good sex all the time and 👏 that's 👏 valid 👏

did y'all know about libgen? because I didn't know about libgen. it's a colossal library of free, DRM-free ebooks. I'm stunned and delighted by how extensive it is!

it's also old-school, "information wants to be free" type activism. so hosting has to move around periodically. current servers are:

Gentle reminder that you are worthy of the blood of your enemies. You deserve to feel the heat of their life's essence flow between your fingers. It's okay to wish death and destruction upon those who wish to harm you. You are strong, and you are feared ❤️

weird how i've yet to see a single take about how the pro-covid convoy are outside agitators

my skin has been ripped off just enough to feel a strong pain, not enough to bleed. cats are so soft and skillful

Google home will be introducing a feature where you can ask your smart assistant what the code is to unlock your door, so that thieves can more easily steal your google home assistant, forcing you to buy a new one.

if ur a werewolf that transforms at will does that make u a softwere

january... the perfect time of year to start a land war with russia

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