tuned in 2 the virtual noise rave on twitch from my shower but now it’s muted so i can listen 2 Mouth Dteams instead while still technically hangin out lol

Friends with benefits? No! I want friends with consequences!

why "pin" things to your profile when you can "club my head in" with a rolling "pin"

cant believe that the next generation is gonna grow up without flash games. theyll never know the feeling of blowing stick figures away with a sniper rifle, or making the little stick figure dudes fight each other. brings a tear to the eye

@velveteenrabbithole all joking aside i genuinely prefer ppl just use whatever first pops into their heads when they encounter me & i think im finally Committing 2 just Stating That up front :)

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“why don’t u have ur pronouns in ur bio” ive decided 2 put em behind a paywall gimme $20 if u wanna know so bad

Identity theft is just high stakes kinning?

*shania twain voice* whooomst bed have ur toooots been unnderr

u cannot make me put the Direction Of Transsexual i am in my bio i will literally die b4 i free u from mandatory participation in The Greatest Guessing Game On Earth ​:blobblocraccoon:​​:100_valid:

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