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My :

I did two years of engineering school and two years of journalism. I'm a geek who loves to tell a story.

I make , & . I do a lot of work, kids books (), and speculative .

I've spent about 15 years in the world of (thank you, day job!) and I do a lot of writing and podcasting in this field. I'm not an expert but I am a nerd for and .

Links are all in my profile if you want to learn more. I'm not gonna spam you.

This is not my first time on Mastodon but I'm trying to consolidate a bunch of my older profiles right here.

@varmazis Well to be fair if he has to spend that much money he might have to cut back on the cocaine.

If Musk ends up buying Twitter for real, I'm glad I have a home on Mastodon at least.

Went to Kuru sushi for lunch today in Watertown. Fun and yummy - I’ve done kaitenzushi a bunch of times here and in Japan, this had the robot gimmick and plate-gamification, which made it a bit different. But it was interesting, and most importantly, the food was good.

I also wrote a will in my diary when I was 10. The pages are all tear-stained as I freaked myself out thinking I was dying WHILE writing my will! And I was absolutely fine.
What a thing to do to myself.

I also requested to be buried with my teddy bear.

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30 years later and I’m still working on my social awkwardness. Sorry, kid-me, I didn’t get much better!

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and to be clear yes I was referring to the David Lynch Dune, in case the mention of Patrick Stewart wasn’t helpful

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Going thru my parents’ basement and clearing out childhood diaries. Found this entry from when I was 11, I’m laughing so hard right now.
“His VOICE of all things!”

I have seen a growing trend, mostly among cis men, to leave social media and want dumb phones

While I understand the sentiment, this usually puts a burden on your partner to be your social media and smart phone.

These men can only afford to disconnect bc their partner are the ones keeping in touch with friends, keeping track of events, birthdays, connecting with others.

It’s easy to be private and disconnected at the expense of others

I've read similar ~Discourse~ so many times on twitter so I know this is endemic to comics work especially, and it isn't just me experiencing this.
People really need to sort themselves out. If collabs and anthologies are going to be unprofessional, I'm good working alone.

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There is a time and place for critical feedback. We need it to grow. You have nits to pick about art direction or the process - that's a private conversation.
Something about working on an art project causes some folks to act in unprofessional ways they otherwise wouldn't.

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One of the best realizations I made this year is I'm genuinely done doing certain kinds of projects from now on. I've had some great collaborations lately and some bad ones.
The ones where they feel free to say publicly inconsiderate things about their artists... unreal.

Been a while since I made art. My subconscious seems to demand that I take a month or two break now and then. It always seems to help a great deal.
Art breaks = yay

The DM spam is getting relentless. No I don’t need a remote job! Leave me alone, JFC

Somehow managed to catch a stomach bug yesterday and now I have to reschedule my COVID booster appointment. Can't imagine it's a good idea to get boosted when I'm already sick :(

Looks like I didn’t break anything in my palm or wrist but there’s some weirdness at the joint??? Please just someone tell me why two of my fingers are still tingly :(

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