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Kerala : 500 cases, 4 deaths. Gujarat: 5804 cases, 319 deaths. Which model of public health would you choose?

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It’s interesting that this clip was forwarded to me by a friend in New York... Kerala’s fight against Covid seems to have captured the imagination of the world...👍🏽

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Tucker Carlson: Fox News's free speech and/or civility warrior

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The biggest hoax of our times is that ‘India against corruption’ (IAC) movement was an initiative meant to fight corruption.

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I think in software development is the only place where the interview is harder than the actual job.

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helping my parents with the internet 😐

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Arnab Goswami attacked, he escapes unhurt. This is highly condemnable.

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Big Breaking: Just got this yet-unreleased footage from last night.

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Arnab is a criminal and should be in jail, not on national television. Pass it on.

Arnab is a criminal and should be in jail, not on national television. Pass it on.

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Person who spewed venom against particular community on Republic TV masquerading as “Trinamool supporter” arrested by Kolkata Police for hate speech & spreading enmity between communities

Bengal govt has ZERO tolerance for hate speech. Don’t try it here. Simple

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Arnab's place is not in a TV Studio

It's in a ASYLUM

It's in JAIL

Arrest this man for being the single biggest source of paid communal journalism. Enough of him sowing hatred between Indians on live TV

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PSA: please stop referring to human beings as 'resources'.

An S3 bucket is a resource 👍

A software engineer is not 👎

'Resources' don't have kids, parents to take care of, take sick leaves etc.

What Java Programmers should learn in 2020?
Useful Tools, technologies, framework, and libraries Java programmers can learn in 2020

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