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Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey on criminal Vikas Dubey being hailed as "hero" by some. Minced no words.

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This is what a failed lockdown looks like.

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Can we agree that this vile human being be banned from all platforms? And that no respectable media organization be allowed to print his work? Some of us women have far superior credentials and expertise than this disgusting human’s trash but of course we are routinely ignored.

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Today’s is on @fayedsouza. Though she needs no introduction thanks to her brilliant work, but here’s a short by @SayftyCom on her amazing work 👇🏽 twitter.com/sayftycom/status/1

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Sandworm Team, Russian GRU Main Center for Special Technologies actors, continue to exploit Exim mail transfer agent , CVE-2019-10149.

Patch to the latest version to protect your networks. Learn more here: nsa.gov/News-Features/News-Sto

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👉Reality of the hashtag- & how twitter trends are managed

👉Syndicates use private facebook groups to make such hashtags trend

👉I managed to get a source inside one such group who took me deep inside it. READ ON😁


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Whoa! Shailaja Teacher in The Guardian, today!

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A week before the national lockdown, Modi & Shah were working hard to downplay the threat of Covid-19.

Directions were given to Presiding Officers of Parliament to ensure this so that toppling of the MP Govt happens smoothly.

Watch this SHOCKING video from 18 March of TMC MPs.

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Dear @KolkataPolice I have been abused and intimidated on social media by @pokershash. I am given to understand he lives in Kolkata hence have emailed you a complaint with all the details. Please treat it as an FIR and initiate action. Thank you

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Very few are tracking the impact of on heartland India. Really want to know the situation of & if the Govt has a lockdown plan? - then this 90min chat @_YogendraYadav will certainly add value
A man who speaks with data & concern

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"Make your portfolio reflect your best vision for our future"


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Simply brilliant. R K Laxman class. *Bows*

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It’s interesting that this clip was forwarded to me by a friend in New York... Kerala’s fight against Covid seems to have captured the imagination of the world...👍🏽

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Tucker Carlson: Fox News's free speech and/or civility warrior

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helping my parents with the internet 😐

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Big Breaking: Just got this yet-unreleased footage from last night.

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