I have mostly just been writing here, I still haven't been able to read on this platform as much as I do on Twitter. Something about the TL is off-putting. Just me?

@dearthofsid i am having the same problem, can't place my finger on it is it just the visual organization?

@dearthofsid @Shudraism The default web-interface for mstdn.social is a lot like TweetDeck. Pinafore interface is more like the Birdsite. I'm not sure about mastadon.social's default UI though.

@dearthofsid @Shudraism Last suggestion (Truly, the last one). Go to Preferences -> Flavors -> Glitch Edition

Here's a preview

@varkychen @dearthofsid
Any number of suggestions are welcome, thanks a ton. Will try some of these tomorrow & get back to this convo.

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