Would I be able to view toots local to another community of which I'm not a member? Can I follow tweets of another instance?

@varkychen Yes and yes. Just use the full username from the user you want to follow. Like email! ""

On the global timeline you see toots from people from other servers in the

@varkychen yup. We are on currently. Try viewing toots from and follow someone from there to check.

@kushal In my Local timeline? Or in the Federated timeline?

@varkychen local@timeline is for the toots@from your instance, federated is for toots also from other instances.

@kushal Can I then filter the federated timelines to only show toots from only those instances that I'm interested in?

@varkychen yes, just look into world TL. Default view is your personal TL which only display activity from the users you're following.

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