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If you hate someone, hate them with the same intensity you will have for someone you love.

Love fades off with time & hate needs to be given up...

I don’t hate Arnab Goswami anymore

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Today was an amazing day!

17 abusers down. 👏

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Very disappointing that a friend can't respecfully criticise another friend. Isn't this the sign of a healthy democracy? twitter.com/TimesNow/status/12

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Amit Shah claimed that he would meet anyone 'within three days' to talk about CAA. It has been five days now and Amit Shah has yet to keep his promise.

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Read this piece. And his quotes. This guy is way smarter than India’s sports minister and a certain opposition leader..... twitter.com/afpsouthasia/statu

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I watched many videos of @ArvindKejriwal@twitter.com in the past 2 months.

This one video of Arvind Kejriwal schooling Rahul Shivashankar of TimesNow certainly is one of the top 3 best videos 😁.

How many of you agree? 🤚

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Today a Pakistan court covicts Hafiz Saeed for 5 years in terror financing cases

Meanwhile Terror accused Pragya Thakur still remains an M.P in India

Proud Indian🤘

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Big Announcement:

Baby Mufflerman is invited to the swearing in ceremony of @ArvindKejriwal@twitter.com on 16th Feb.

Suit up Junior!

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Isn't there any regulation in the Army Act to take action against TA officers who make statement like Captain Anurag Thakur did in Delhi election. The proud SIKH Regiment must be ashamed. I hope the Army doesn't ignore the act as it brings Army uniform to disrepute. @adgpi@twitter.com @

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Huge CONGRATULATIONS to You @ArvindKejriwal@twitter.com @msisodia@twitter.com @AtishiAAP@twitter.com @raghav_chadha@twitter.com @dilipkpandey@twitter.com @KhanAmanatullah@twitter.com and all other victorious Candidates and team of @AamAadmiParty@twitter.com 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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Ok,here is the PIL filed by me in the Karnataka HC against the interrogation of minor children in Shaheen school in Bidar.Will come up for hearing on Friday. Ppl on twitter show your support. @prajwalmanipal@twitter.com twitter.com/barandbench/status

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Watch | "Hindus in danger", "Will you sell your country for Rs 200 worth of electricity?": AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj denounces these slogans heard on voting day.

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Take-aways from this election:

AAP focussed on Delhi.
BJP focussed on Shaheen Bagh.

AAP talked about Bijli-Paani.
BJP talked about Biryani.

AAP promised schools & clinics.
BJP called for guns & bullets.

AAP won!

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If your heart tells you to do something that the religion you follow condemns...

Just Do It!!!

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Bagga has lost. Kapil Mishra has lost. Atishi is winning.
What a lovely day!

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I was initially really pissed with AK for not coming out strong against Police violence etc. Then saw BJP attack him for even doing nothing. Called him terrorist, biryani eater etc. Today I eat humble pie and realize he played the right strategy. As ppl we're still so stupid! 1/n

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