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My vision of Raspberry Pi Case.
Just a sketch. But I carefully considered active ventilation, so with my case there will no throttling.
Do you want to see it real?
Let's check the twitter power? If this tweet gets 100 likes, I will definitely built this.

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I thought losing my job due to covid sucked (I'm honestly devastated ✌😔) but I'm coming to realise what actually truly sucks is having to force myself to spend time on LinkedIn. That place offers such unnecessary garbage with unmatched authority I have to lie down sometimes.

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This is a @ReallySwara appreciation tweet.

@ReallySwara has really made her own way in a complicated profession and her stuck to her guns on issues that she believes in strongly. She is talented, strong, confident and kind.

Add a ❤️ for @ReallySwara if you agree

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Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey on criminal Vikas Dubey being hailed as "hero" by some. Minced no words.

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Just wanna say I’m incredibly grateful to ALL of you for your support - the vocal and the private.

The media isn’t on our side so it’s up to us to ask questions & seek answers.

You ALL give me the reason & support to live & fight.

And I’ll forever be indebted for that. ❤️

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I'm planning to start a fund to defend Anupam Kher on social media. I'll call it PM Khers.

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This one man does as more work than the opposition to hold Centre accountable. twitter.com/saketgokhale/statu

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Modi’s supporters aren’t “andh bhakts”.

As long as Modi persecutes the minorities & the underprivileged, they’re happy. They’ll defend every failure of his.

The BJP/RSS have ZERO emotional investment in the sovereignty of a country whose freedom they never even fought for.

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PSA: Tech jobs are jobs. You shouldn’t have to become a celebrity, join a cult, or crawl through miles of metaphorical glass to land a technical role. Software engineers, sorry to tell you all, but you’re not special. You learned skills to do a job.

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‘Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government only when it deserves it..’ Mark Twain. A good mantra to follow in these troubled times! 🙏

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"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it" —Mark Twain.

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Javed Akhtar @Javedakhtarjadu is the 2020 Richard Dawkins Award winner and I could not be more pleased. The Center for Inquiry, on whose board I sit, has designated him this year's recipient for his courageous public stands on behalf of atheism, rationality, and freethought.

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This is for @amitmalviya who falsely claimed on 9 pm show that Maharashtra and Delhi had worse death rates than Gujarat! Maharashtra
Cases: 90787
CFR: 3.62%

Cases: 29943
Deaths: 874
CFR: 2.91%

Cases: 21044
Deaths: 1313
CFR: 6.23%.

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This is what a failed lockdown looks like.

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Can we agree that this vile human being be banned from all platforms? And that no respectable media organization be allowed to print his work? Some of us women have far superior credentials and expertise than this disgusting human’s trash but of course we are routinely ignored.

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