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What the Delhi High Court didn't see any need to do, and 's ORM team have done. They have silenced an Indian citizen's right to free speech 😢 twitter.com/IamLindaAshok/stat

Stay strong
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Thank you for the outpouring of love. I am filled with gratitude. It’s a rough time for a lot of people, and we’ll get through it by sticking together.

In solidarity,

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Happy 5th birthday @ApacheGroovy as an Apache top-level project! 17+ yrs since inception, ~700M downloads, 300+ contributors, 200+ releases! twitter.com/TheASF/status/1329

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PB Mehta: “Judicial barbarism” in which the application of law becomes so dependent on the arbitrary whims of individual judges that the rule of law or constitutional terms no longer have any meaning. The law becomes an instrument of oppression... indianexpress.com/article/opin

"The Pile" got bigger with "The Wall" 😭😭 @gautambhatia88

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| @whitehatjunior and the curious case of disappearing dissent: Multiple critics of the kids coding startup have found their posts wiped off the internet. This points to a larger debate on content moderation across social media | By @panktimehta


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IT Minister Shri Ravishankar Prasad: 90 days of Notice period in IT and ITes is harming industry and needs to be 30 days. - Sign the Petition! chng.it/K5M2TGmt via @ChangeOrg_India

IT Minister Shri Ravishankar Prasad: 90 days of Notice period in IT and ITes is harming industry and needs to be 30 days. - Sign the Petition! chng.it/fhpb2hS5 via @ChangeOrg_India

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Advertisers on Republic TV & Republic Bharat: Raymonds, Muthoot Group, Jio, Max Bupa, Kent, Star Health Insurance, Nissan, Dabur, Mahindra, Amazon, Samsung, Sony, Maruti, Nerolac & Toyota.
You’ll are funding an alleged criminal,
RT if you’d like these companies do otherwise.

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A video clip from Bangladesh is being falsely claimed to be from Kolkata. Legal action initiated.

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@iLa_TRiPaTHi Hello Ila Maam. I have been trying to expose for the past 3 months. They get me banned from every platform. 2 YT account, 16 videos, 2 Reddit accts, 1 quora acct, 1 Twitter handle, 2 LinkedIn articles, and my entire LinkedIn account banned by them. Please help

Republic and Times Now categorised as yellow journalism and it goes unchallenged in court 🤣🤣🤣 @TheDeshBhakt
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Sibal: But the idea is not to attack the fourth estate. What we called yellow journalism - that fringe has become mainstream. So a signal has to come from the court

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@fayedsouza Thanks for having me on your show. It was wonderful to have a serious discussion, uninterrupted by howling interventions of TV debates.

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Guys a bit of support on the tweet inserted here.
Let's try to get @zackwhittaker's attention to this and their cyber bullying.

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My first blog is published! 🥳I've been using scratch buffers for things I don't want to forget doing for my current task (Ex. test this use case, add doc, etc) twitter.com/intellijidea/statu

If you need to bash BJP, make sure the opposition is included by default !!
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Imagine what kind of journalism this is, needlessly dragging in AAP, when the Delhi High Court has slammed the BJP run MCD to stop making false excuses of non-payment of dues from Delhi Government and to pay the MCD Doctors and staff? Care to be ethical?

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