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Today’s is on @fayedsouza. Though she needs no introduction thanks to her brilliant work, but here’s a short by @SayftyCom on her amazing work 👇🏽 twitter.com/sayftycom/status/1

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legitimately stunned that CNN didn’t cut Cornel West’s mic. Maybe someone in the control room was just as enraptured as I am

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In sum:
We wont improve.
Look after yourself.
Don't blame me later.

This man has no reason to remain in office.
Like and also RT if you agree. twitter.com/PiyushGoyal/status

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Sandworm Team, Russian GRU Main Center for Special Technologies actors, continue to exploit Exim mail transfer agent , CVE-2019-10149.

Patch to the latest version to protect your networks. Learn more here: nsa.gov/News-Features/News-Sto

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👉Reality of the hashtag- & how twitter trends are managed

👉Syndicates use private facebook groups to make such hashtags trend

👉I managed to get a source inside one such group who took me deep inside it. READ ON😁


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My @java memories

2006 - Started career as Java developer
2008 - Paid my education loan amount
2015 - Bought 2BHK flat
2020 - Bought a car and can work from home in situations like pandemic

Thank you @java for feeding my family 🙏🙏🙏

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Watching the Prime Minister and Finance Minister respond to the struggles of migrants and the poor I am beyond feeling angry or sad. The feeling is truly of helplessness. As collectives, we can only do so much. If the state is heartless and citizens apathetic, what do we do ?

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This is a mind blowing read...one you can't get away from until you reach the last full stop.! wired.com/story/confessions-ma

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Whoa! Shailaja Teacher in The Guardian, today!

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A week before the national lockdown, Modi & Shah were working hard to downplay the threat of Covid-19.

Directions were given to Presiding Officers of Parliament to ensure this so that toppling of the MP Govt happens smoothly.

Watch this SHOCKING video from 18 March of TMC MPs.

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I am so grateful to @KolkataPolice. FIR has been registered against @pokershash. He was served a notice, summoned for questioning, his mobile has been seized and the process of questioning will continue.
No mercy shd be given to sexual abuse on social media. twitter.com/PreetiSMenon/statu

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Dear @KolkataPolice I have been abused and intimidated on social media by @pokershash. I am given to understand he lives in Kolkata hence have emailed you a complaint with all the details. Please treat it as an FIR and initiate action. Thank you

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And you thought Manmohan Singh was a silent Prime Minister

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Me & my family were evacuated frm Amman in October 1990 during the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq & we did not pay a single penny. Now each Indian has 2 pay for their evacuation (ranging from 20000 Rs to 1 lakh for a single ticket).This is a shocking display of greed by the BJP govt!

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Very few are tracking the impact of on heartland India. Really want to know the situation of & if the Govt has a lockdown plan? - then this 90min chat @_YogendraYadav will certainly add value
A man who speaks with data & concern

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"Make your portfolio reflect your best vision for our future"


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My colleagues and I are getting a high amount of media requests around issues on digital rights. We are thankful to the press and request them to reach out to many organisations who are actively working in India. Let’s grow the field! Please do look out for them! Promote them!

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So I encourage journalists and media professionals to look out and search a little harder. Specially for those who are not on Twitter. This includes technical experts and academics many of them who work in academic institutions. Let’s grow the field!

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Simply brilliant. R K Laxman class. *Bows*

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