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Really exists robberies peeping and violent intimidation interferences I publish as academic mafia’ⁿ’rose terrorism evidence proofs.

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However, physical damage such as distorted waveforms was frequently recorded, but due to illegal electromagnetic radiation organized terrorism crime caused by malicious sabotage, It is recorded physical evidences as also various interferences.

I don't know what those means.

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Really exists electromagnetic terrorism performed with connection in non-scientific fraudulents Nazi Psychiatry(& believers): already proofing's recorded evidence as noises and sounds that are not present in the line aux (such as impact sound when the microphone dropped with no microphone connected.

It's above, shortest one blocks of the repetition of the signal of the specific pattern recorded when the illegal interference and attack on the line were concentrated.

In Japan, influenza so also been reduced to about little than 40% of the full year.

Ça va de tout et s'il vous plaît.

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COVID-19 common weakness scientific theory of summer humid and sunlight.

If attentions for weak point of viruses, nothing be infected.

Basic knowledges is over 26℃(4 hours) temperatures and higher humidity, no deep contact, medical mask, exact useful options is germicidal lamp(quartz), ozone generator, and when harmful to the human body but available formaldehyde, paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene and others.

Japan is less affected COVID-19 as if martial law under war, those self voluntarily everybody & towns followings ever now.

Sorry, I has nervous feeling always, from multidimensional obstruction attacks existence.

Already been fixed & deleted Japanese charset.

Wrongly post was corrected... Probably multibyte(Japanese) language charset caused Home timelines display(lost) problem.

Thanks FreeBSD port collections porter and users. Maybe past of p5-URI-UTF8-Punycode developer in CPAN oldies,,, Already can't sufficient development state through organized illegal obstructing at that time.

I ported from LIBIDN easily through module library constituted hole, because all available CPAN Punycode modules haves wronged result problems.

Personal developments + Repair + Rescue work is not main planning (so appendix skills).

These posts is caused by GLOBAL (foolish communism paraphrase) organized terrorism. Everybody not wishes victimized harms & posting accusational lifestyle's anything, essentially.

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Really exists robberies peeping and violent intimidation interferences I publish as academic mafia’ⁿ’rose terrorism evidence proofs.

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Thieves peeping-evidenced interference of bumping sounds can recordings as real exist scientific phenomenon.

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Now logging lower deviation self-proclaimed singularity academic mafia’ⁿ’rose (is Homosexual in Japanese) thieve ’s peeping infection and violent interference happens when Apache starting (therefore have eternally development blank time in the while).

Maybe needed (optionally?) http gate relationships S2S, these (www) site to site networking is real freedom available usefully tool Raspberry and anything’s for true liberation individuals. Must be can use server side CGI, PHP or others through Apache extensions.

He said “feel gagging nauseated” mastodon socials. Exactly another meanings is disperse hidden organized crime dominations body & punishers hangman’s as if that violent descriminate machiavellism fraudulent bad works, already happend in Japan.

Whoever see-saw Japanese TL?

Mostly crazy sexual abnormally stupidity posts only. Totalitarian collusion(communism) and communication is different.

They’ve politics powers why, SGI cult organizes crime cheating & robs profit.

Who or What Trump's SNS limitations routines caller, Who or what against does this guys think he is...?

Nothing basic situations there, no salvations for victims.

Rather Trump & U.S make heavy surveillance state, self-proclaimed liberal libertarians be following, must be causing illegal organized terrorism in U.S colony Japan(& China, Hong Kong, Taiwan).

They are self-proclaimed "Singularity Academic Mafia" that AI believers IT campanies SNS communism terrorist, true body is crime profit cartel's peep bandit.


Not sells JOYO R-16 in Japan,,, TC HELICON Harmony Singer and other Roland Boss is higher price, functional JOYO R16 is min than half price.

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