Hmm, so now Melon Husk wants to buy Twitter again. Might be time to brace for the new exodus. 😁

I wonder how many nerds were at a DART impact virtual party...😀​

I mean besides me....

I haven't mentioned it in a while, and never on my new fedihome... I just wanted to give some love to the project reimplementing flash in rust. If you've got old SWFs you'd like to watch...

Hashtag following has been merged into the upcoming version of Mastodon, and will be available on all servers at the next update.

It's already available on some servers such as and

Elsewhere on the Fediverse, Friendica has already had hashtag following for years now, across all servers.

Whichever platform you're using, it works the same way:

1. Log in through the website
2. Search for a hashtag
3. Click the follow logo (or + sign) in the top right corner of the results

You will then see posts with that hashtag in your normal timeline even if you don't follow the account posting it. Note that it only shows posts published after the follow happened, so you may not see tagged posts in your timeline immediately.

This only works with posts visible to your server anyway, it won't pull posts in just on the basis of the tag. It's effectively a filter of the Federated timeline.

It continues to surprise me how close spanish and italian are in places...

Hmm, I was recently surprised to find out Kingdom of Loathing is still a thing. Still fairly fun too.

To remind myself too... If you need to manually install a vscode (codium) extension, and all you have is a zip you downloaded from github or something... Unpack the zip, rename the top level folder to 'extension', then rezip it and change the extension to vsix. Then click the "..." at the top of the extensions panel and select Install from VSIX, and off you go...

Oh hell, I found some old old SCA filks. Yang the Nauseating... 🏕️​

politics adjacent 

Hmmm, anyone know if there's a handy service that does anything like regularly copy politicians campaign pages, then provide diffs of the content?

question for people who don't put alt text on their pics: how come?

with the shutdown of on the horizon, let me just plug my mastodon export data viewer again~

Now I just need to keep nudging birdsite friends over here... 😎​

Instance migration-related PSA to anyone who has "Require follow requests" activated:

When people use Mastodon's tools to migrate instances, their new accounts will show up in your follow requests. Do whatever vetting makes sense to you to confirm that it's really their account - e.g. seeing that you have been automatically set to follow them, because y'all're mutuals and that part of the account migration thingy worked - but yeah, don't forget to click the checkybox for 'em.

- Packbats 💚 🎒

Welp, here I am in my new home on I'm going to miss, goes on. Now I have to get used to a whole new set of custom emojis... :blobsob:

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