I'm excited to share the announcement that I have won an honorable mention award at The International ! The is a for the 1963 western comedy film McLintock, starring John Wayne. I hope you enjoy viewing!


I am always grateful for any feedback. Whether you enjoy my or not, I'd love to know what you think!

Something fun, I thought I'd share my debut . The is a quite charming short (sub-4 minutes). I wrote the for a competition, I hope you find it brightens your day!


If you do enjoy it (or even if you don't) I'd love to know what you think. Feel free to comment/boost/Like if you wish! (Likes count for one aspect of the competition).

Hello, I'm Tim, this is my . Originally from a science background but have always had a strong interest in - listening, then playing and most recently . Particular love of folk, Celtic, world and orchestral music but not only these. Learning to develop my and skills, always welcome comments. Hoping for feedback here to help me gauge reaction to my music and develop. Thanks!

YouTube channel:


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