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Some good PeerTube instances with interesting content to explore include:

When you're browsing a PeerTube instance, you can follow an account by clicking on "Subscribe". This works even if you don't have a PeerTube account, because it allows follows from Mastodon too.

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video of the day - , Racism, Art, and Artists (feat. A Crowing Cockatrice)

(video courtesy of @AthenaProducti1)

How are things going in the @thepine64 community? Check out this video to find out! is a proud supporter of the Pine64 community!

A huge shout-out to @theatticdwellers Not only have they continuously shared their great content with the community, but they're also the latest to become patrons! If you'd like to donate to support the TILvids community, it's always appreciated! ๐Ÿ™

After some gentle encouraging from the community, I took a bit of time to set up a proper blog for TILvids. You can access it at TBD exactly what I'll post here; certainly the monthly updates will live there now (and I'll try to update /r/tilvids as a reminder when I post), but perhaps some other off-the-cuff updates can go there as well. If you have other thoughts about what you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment!

Having a slight server issue with right now...please stand by! :)

video of the day - 'WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT' (1988) is the Best Animated Film Of All Time ๐ŸŽž๏ธ

(follow @theatticdwellers for more great retro film reviews)

video of the day - Solar Surfing | A Clever Concept for Keeping Sun-Studying Spacecraft Safe ๐Ÿ›ฐ๏ธ

(follow @openspacevids for more great space videos)

video of the day - Gardens: Surprisingly Connected Etymologies ๐ŸŒบ

(follow @alliterative for more interesting etymology videos!)

video of the day - GO BACK To 1995!!! (Movies - Music - Toys - Food - Fashion & MORE!!!) โฐ

(follow @theatticdwellers for more great nostalgia content!)

All updates to should be complete! Please let me know if you run across any issues, and otherwise enjoy watching a video on tonight!

Doing some server maintenance on right now. Expect brief periods of downtime.

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