Need something to watch on tonight? Revisit the classic "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark", courtesy of @MarinautMedia!

@Zoe8338 I'll try to remember to mention it...we have a lot of channels I have to cover! :)

@Zoe8338 @mray We use Matrix as well. Unfortunately, I had trouble getting many people to join, because it isn't as well known/understood as Discord. I had to think on the decision to use Discord for a number of weeks, because I try my best to use free/open-web technology as much as possible, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how "open" I make the TILvids community if there is no community. We've already had more engagement in the last week than we've had in months on Matrix.

@futureisfoss Haven't looked into it. I'll try to do that, if I get a free moment!

Are you a Discord user? If so, feel free to come join us on the new TILvids Discord Server! A number of creators and patrons are already hanging out there, so feel free to drop by, say hey, and chat about how we can improve and grow the community.

@tio That would be pretty slick! It'd be nice on TILvids to feature new creators when they join up!

@futureisfoss @Framasoft A lot of the time, updates like this can seem boring/mundane, but sometimes those features are the ones users are using constantly, sometimes without even knowing it. I think there is a lot of great quality-of-life work on the roadmap!

As usual, the @Framasoft team has some really good features lined up for their roadmap! Can't wait to watch them come to life and roll them into !

video of the day, and welcome to new creator The Paperpunk - 's Foundation: In Pursuit of History πŸ€–

(follow @paperpunk for more great video essays!)

video of the day - "I've used exclusively for a month, here's my opinion" 🐧

(follow @thelinuxexperiment for more great Linux videos!)

@tio Appreciate the kind words about ! The nice thing about @peertube is that every instance can try different approaches, so there are lots of different types of instances out there. Lots of experimentation, exciting time to be participating in the community!

Need something to watch on tonight? Check out this @geotechland update about 's monkeys, M1s, and more!

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