This is why creators should just move over to @peertube instances. At this point, Google is just a middle-man. Get with a few other similar creators, set up an instance, collect donations, and make more than you likely would on YouTube anyway.

@tilvids @peertube at risk of being a pariah, I do pay for the YouTube Premium Family membership. We use it mainly as a Spotify music replacement, with the added benefit of no ads & downloads on YouTube itself. That said, when I go to my parents house who don't have it, the pushy ads are terrible for the User Experience.

@tilvids @peertube but I also follow Peertube accounts as well, supporting some of those creators on Patreon.

@flexsite @tilvids @peertube My husband has had YouTube Premium for a while (he watches a lot of it) and added me to his account about two years ago. Before that I had stopped using the YouTube app and just watched through my phone's browser. Adblock on Firefox killed almost all the ads

@tilvids @peertube Weird, I've never seen those screens.

This is what youtube looks like for me:

@tilvids @peertube The only thing stopping us from considering PeerTube would be time and space. We basically use YT as an archive for our Twitch streams. Each video is 2-5 hours long, and YT is one of few spaces without lenth or video size limitations. At best these videos might get a handful of views.

@pkw @tilvids @peertube It's such a huge endeavor in terms of space. Last time we looked into PeerTube instances a lot of them had space restrictions. Each of our VODs alone is 5-10GB and we put out two a week. We don't want to host our own instance at the moment.

@damagecontrolblog @peertube

What's the file size of each video? Long videos don't necessarily mean they are big, depends on the content.

Audience size is another issue. It's a chicken-and-egg problem, and at some point we creators simply need to decide if we want to force a better world or not, even if that means dealing with some short-term situations that are less than ideal.

@tilvids @peertube They average about 5-10GB per video.

We will admit Google is convenient. Our main thing is writing articles. Streaming and VODs were just a value added thing for our audience. Though it's always good to have alternatives to the big corporate run products.

@tilvids @peertube I am all for PeerTube but I think being on YouTube is unfortunately key for getting discovered. Using PeerTube exclusively locks you in the FOSS bubble, ensuring nobody outside of that space will find your stuff. On PeerTube people will find you only if they really want to find you. SepiaSearch is a move in the right direction.
I don't rely on YT money. Donations from my viewers are a key part of my income from making videos, but taking down my YT channel would be detrimental.

@unfa @tilvids @peertube And I also saw so many instances shut down... The stability is also important

@Arco @tilvids @peertube Yeah, that's why I don't want to invest my time into putting my content in a place that can go up in smoke in and render that wasted effort.
A set-and-forget option is sensible though.

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