Most of the #peertube instances I've come across are desloate wastelands with like one obscure, Nepolese porn video; or like a series of personal vlogs, all by one unintelligable guy in a leather duster. I did find one fairly active one, but it turned out to be a "by racists, for racists" kind of deal and that's not really my scene, what with having a basic level of human decency and all.

Then there is @tilvids, which is stacked with quality edutainment content and has a great community. It's basically the gold standard for what Peertube was meant to be.

Does anyone know of any other good #instances out there besides #TILVids, or is it basically just dead ones and facists?


@ADHDefy Before I started TILvids, I was just a creator who wanted to get away from YouTube. I looked around, and pretty much found the same experience you did, which was really a shame because deserves better than that.

So, I started my own instance, with a dedicated focus on edutainment content. It's a ton of work, but I enjoy doing it and being able to contribute to the movement. I hope can be a good example of the potential for the PeerTube ecosystem!

@tilvids @ADHDefy the very first video—like the first one—I found on Peer was super gross. Like, I wouldn’t have dreamed. Whatever your kink is is completely fine but it screamed at me, “BUSTER THIS AINT YOUTUBE!”

@ultramagnus_tcv @tilvids @ADHDefy

I have a couple of channels on the SDF instance, "", with what I think is good content, and I feel the instance as a whole has something going for it, at least if you like retrocomputing and musical/visual arts stuff.

Mind, this is not the first toobnix ― SDF as a community has been around since the BBS days, and has made at least one previous attempt at a video-sharing site. Maybe that makes a difference.

@tilvids @ADHDefy I just wish there were a better mechanism to follow an entire instance than building your own instance and *requesting* to follow another.

I think peertube's crucial flaw is discoverability. I genuinely cannot tell if peertube is a barren wasteland or if I simply am not searching correctly.

@tilvids @rolenthedeep @ADHDefy The big issue is when instances block other instances. This is happening on the fediverse as a whole. And you don't even know that, as a user. So normally if all Peertube instances, for example, would allow global search, then you can search and discover videos from the entire Peertube universe. But because admins do not think very much about their actions and block some instances, they break the entire idea of the fediverse.

The best would be to have your own island of curated stuff, but allow any bridge with any other island.

@tio @tilvids @ADHDefy yeah, that's what I've done. I have an instance set up to mirror content from instances I follow, with open follow requests. I don't really understand why anyone would disable following of their instance? Just makes everything harder to use.

This seems to be the only way to actually follow content from multiple instances *of your choosing* which is incredibly confusing, even as a developer

@rolenthedeep @ADHDefy This is why I de-emphasize PeerTube's existence in the mainstream of the site. It's just a really hard concept for regular people to grok in the current landscape. Instead, I do the work of promoting TILvids as a destination to discover content, which is easier for people to understand.

Long-term plan is to use TILvids as a way to draw people into the ecosystem, and as creators on the site get large enough, encourage them to start their own instances and federate back-and-forth with each other.

So probably the best way to think about it is a branch of the main fediverse that has its "fediness" camouflaged so that it's more approachable by the masses.

@tilvids @ADHDefy my own experience was rather negative too. After a long search I found a peer tube instance that was open and "seemed" welcoming to new uploads. So I joined it and then tried to post a video, where it stayed in limbo, so I contacted the admin. The admin said why even bother using peertube, just go and use youtube instead. This left such a negative experience I have since refused to even look at #peertube again.

@tilvids @ADHDefy On that mosquito video on your peertube there's a DOI identifier. Why is that necessary?
@tilvids @ADHDefy is really good site, i visit it quiet offten and love it
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