With so many new users coming from Twitter recently, we've also has a large influx of new followers on our TILvids profile. If you're new to our community, welcome aboard! Check out the "What is TILvids?" video to get a better understanding of what we're all about!

@tilvids nice video you have there but I still don't know what it is you do other than being an OSS YouTube.

@faberfedor @tilvids
It is kind of a FOSS Youtube, where peer-to-peer helps for the downloading, and which can in theory share a pool of videos with similar FOSS kind of Youtubes.

It is also part of the Fediverse, which means that you can interact with it ( (dis)like, comment, subscribe) directly from Mastodon instead of having to create an account there. In particular, if you subscribe to a channel, new videos will appears as toots in your Mastodon timeline.

@liwott @tilvids
My bad. From the title I thought it specialized in a specific type of video, not that it was a video platform.

Thanks for the extra info about the fediverse. I'm new around here and still figuring things out.

@faberfedor @tilvids
So maybe a bit of precision.

Peertube is a video platform, just like Mastodon is a microblogging platform. is a Peertube instance, just like is a Mastodon instance. So, when I previously said "a kind of FOSS YouTube", I really meant a Peertube instance.

However, you were not that wrong in that TILvids is a instance that specializes in a type of videos, namely edutainement.

edit : added the missing word in the middle paragraph

@liwott @faberfedor

You've got it right. PeerTube is a platform technology that uses. Our community is focused on edutainment content, so it would be most accurate to say TILvids is a PeerTube community that focuses specifically on edutainment content.

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