Just found out @thelinuxEXP had their YouTube channel deleted by Google. Not the first time a creator of wonderful content has had this happen to them. Nick makes such great content, hope it gets resolved. He's been so supportive of TILvids for a long time, please spread the word to support him, and check him out on if you want to catch his great content while it's not available on YouTube!

@tilvids Sorry to hear. He has years of content. It will be a huge pain to get them back. It's not great what G did. There is no excuse for it.

@adnan360 @thelinuxEXP For sure. And Nick has a decent following and probably will have his account recovered whenever Google wakes up...but other smaller creators aren't always so fortunate. Let that be a lesson to creators: Do NOT let YouTube be the sole destination for your content!

@tilvids Definitely agree. Channels should have backups on other places. Similar things have happened to Luke Smith as well:
He made a video on youtube-dl (and some other minor stuff) and he had a strike. For one, this way the service becomes unreliable. Two, making a whole channel unavailable based on just 1 or 2 videos is not fair.

What was the reason for the deletion anyway? You got scammed like The Spiffing Brit?

@tilvids @thelinuxEXP I am not saying that he deserved this scare(account got reinstated), but I recall him saying something to the effect of - "Chinese tech companies (and proprietary services generally) will not overstep their boundaries, it's all paranoia". I hope this experience makes him work towards ensuring he has an increased alternative presence (on likes of @tilvids) so that he can better protect his IP and community engagement.

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