This is worth a read.

Relating to the article, one of my goals for is to build a smaller video community. People often ask me, "Are you trying to replace YouTube?" and the answer is, Not really. I don't think you beat YouTube by recreating YouTube, I think you beat it by building thousands of mini-YouTubes that are smaller and cater to the community. This creates a much higher level of engagement between creators and viewers alike.

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Yeah, your idea of creating a place for edutainment content was great. We need more like this, different instances for different type of content, that attracts a group of people with same interests into that site.

This doesn't have to be centralized as well, there can be many instances about an interest and they can all follow each other.

@futureisfoss Yes! I love it, because it means all of these communities don't even compete, they just support each other. For example, I'd love for there to be a instance that focuses only on retro-gaming. And another that caters to funny Let's Play style content. Those two instances don't have to necessarily care about each other, but through federation, as a user, I can follow both and jump around the content.

Please, I'm begging, someone steal my idea here! :)

You're the one who initially made me think about this dynamics of #peertube. And it made me suggest this feature -

Thank @Tubelab for making this a reality. Now you can easily discover content by browsing through different instances, even when logged into your home instance.

@futureisfoss That is a very cool idea, glad to see it was implemented!

Hi really like your instance cause i think the Main Peertube problem is that most instance are filled with many crap (conspirary theories, new age etc).
In my opinion we need instances who allow good and fact-based content only.
If your instance would be for german content, too and give many space (cause my Let's play videos aren't small), i would use your instance, too:)


@the_white_wolf @futureisfoss @the_white_wolf @futureisfoss I'm with you there! Framasoft (makers of PeerTube) have built a wonderful tool, but I do feel many instances are not making good use of its potential.

You should consider starting your own instance, and try to recruit others making similar content and build a community around it. Hosting is not very expensive (at least initially) nowadays. I'd be happy to give you any advice I can to get started!

Yes i already thinking to setup a instance but atm i don't have the financial stability.
But if that change i would probably come back to your help offer.
So thx for your offer.

@the_white_wolf @futureisfoss You bet! If you decide to move forward, check out OVH (since it sounds like you're in Europe (Germany?)) as a VPS provider. They start around $4 per month for 20GB of space. That's not enough to run a full community like TILvids, but it's definitely enough to get you started on your own content.

Well I'm not a fan of virtual server machines. I prefer dedicated machines on Strato or Hetzner.
But nevertherless i could take a look to OVH. That's right.

And yes i'm from Germany.


@the_white_wolf @futureisfoss Hetzner is one I have heard of, but have not tried! I did mention them in my video about self-hosting though, since I'd heard good things!

@the_white_wolf @tilvids @futureisfoss having huge videos on a server like Hetzner will be fairly expensive because you pay for the hard drive space independent of if people watch or not.

This is actually the main reason why I installed my own instance on a 7 years old NUC which I already had running in my kitchen at home for other purposes. My upload speed at home is 100 MBit so it's not too slow. And I bought a 5 TB USB hard drive and just mounted it where I can store huge videos now.

@jeena @the_white_wolf @tilvids @futureisfoss Hetzner dedicated servers are pretty reasonably priced. I have an i7-6700 with 500GB nvme and 2TB spinning for 57.22€/month

@djsumdog @futureisfoss @tilvids @the_white_wolf

That is a lot of money which you need to pay as a subscription every month for the next at least couple of years for a hobby. I feel that even $5 per month would be a lot for what you can get on YouTube for "free".

I feel that if you have the upload bandwidth then hosting with PeerTube from home is a good option for hobbyists.

@jeena @futureisfoss @tilvids @the_white_wolf I was spending $5/$10 per VM on a bunch of smaller VMs on Vultr/DigitalOcean. That plus floating IPs ($3/month), backups and other stuff would run my bill to nearly $90+ USD/month, for crappy servers with limited vCPUs.

My dedicated runs a lot of stuff in Docker or VMs where I need more isolation, and it runs everything .. my mastodon instance, pleroma, my website (, RSS readers, Peertube (, wireguard, various other apps and tools. It was more economical for me to invest in one dedi over individual VMs. But I also self-host a lot of things.

60€ doesn't seem like a lot of money (most people pay $40~$80 USD just for Internet and streaming services), but then again, I do heavily utilize that server. Just keep in mind, once your projects do grow big enough, dedicated servers do provide you with more CPU power per $ than the VM routes.

@djsumdog @futureisfoss @the_white_wolf @jeena

I think that's a great take. VPS's are a wonderful way to test the waters and prove out an idea/market. Eventually though, you will scale out of it, and have to move to something more dedicated.

@djsumdog @futureisfoss @tilvids @the_white_wolf yeah I understand if you utilize it, I do kind of the same thing but still on the 5$ one. I have 2 exceptions, Home Assistant needs to run locally and Peertube needs a lot of HDD space.

I cant wait til the new media is fully decentralized! We are living in very important times! I for one, am very happy to play whatever small part I am in the landscape.

@sysfs Change takes time. The best thing we can all do is work to make supportive, welcoming communities, and work to engage people in a way where they will find value in this new way of doing things!

@tilvids i agree completely! does anyone else question why isn’t part of the fediverse? I just don’t get why people would be satisfied to move from one corporate owned bird site to another and act like there is reason to believe that the new corporation will live up to their promises better than the last.

At least here i can build my own instance and no-one has to keep promises or have principles. I just have to show up in the town square and then people can choose to ignore me or pay attention, hell maybe they’ll even respond! we could have a nice (or not so nice) conversation and the only way it will get broken up is if one of us breaks the law or if one of us walks away! this is a closer approximation of communication IRL than any of the other walled gardens that have come before!

I am so excited to be here!❤️

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