Good video from @chriswere I posted about this yesterday, and I find it reprehensible. Google has a market cap of over $1.8 trillion, and yet they're building their service off the backs of small content creators that they don't even compensate?

This is why I support because the world deserves better than this.

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I have old #FreeCAD mini-tutorials on YouTube, on the obsolete side (and audio-less, which many complain about). Not worth migrating to a Peer tube instance I think. I might as well delete them.

@normandc @chriswere I hate deleting anything, even things that are outdated. You never know when someone might be interested! There are so many apps from the 90s/00s that I just stopped using, and then 10 years later I'm like, "I wish someone would have made a video about that so that I can go back and reminisce!"

Your "obsolete" video might have more value than you know! :)

Hehe, fair enough, thanks. It's actually a series of quick tips, sometimes made in reply to a forum topic. Some have a few thousand views. To my surprise I still get comments now and then, and people subscribing to my channel even if I've been inactive for years.

@normandc @chriswere Like I said, you never know who will still value your content, even if you don't think it has value! :)

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