How nice of to tell creators they don't have enough views to monetize, but then run ads on their videos without giving them any ad revenue. I remember when had a motto of not being evil. Maybe creators should give a try.

@tilvids the unbalance of power is ludicrous in all of the big platforms. Not that I accept this, but can't say that I did not expect this either.

#PeerTube is the fair way to go, and the place to be when it comes to content that actually creates engagement (never had so much as a single comment in a YouTube video, yet my peertube channel gets commented and viewed much more).

@kzimmermann The true strength of PeerTube is enabling niche communities that are just large enough to be self-sustaining, but not so big that they're impossibly impersonal. Death of YouTube will come via 10,000 PeerTube communities.

@tilvids true indeed. I've been thinking about the same way about the fediverse as well

@tilvids btw, congrats for the videos y'all got there. I only recently started recording some at and wish to reach that sort of quality in the future!

@tilvids That's bad from them (in a obvious way) but around I joined :fediverse: (like some weeks later) I started publishing my videos in :peertube: instead. I'm on

@novaburst Rock-on! Hope more people make the move like you!

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