My first post on Mastodon, might as well make it a good one! 📺

I have started a video community focused on edutainment content, with no video ads, no user data harvesting, using open-source @peertube

Today, happy to announce our first EXCLUSIVE video, The History of Mozilla Firefox. Check it out and share if you enjoy it!

@tilvids @peertube this is awesome! Welcome to the community. We need more community funded organizations like tilvids that use peertube. 🤓

@geotechland @peertube Thank you so much! Happy to be here, and happy to be able to promote and open-source / open-web technologies, while helping indie creators share their content at the same time!

@saturno Not federated currently. I have promised creators that their content will only appear on TILvids, and I want to make sure I can honor that.

Could you add spanish subtitles so I can share it with friends and family? 😍

@tilvids @peertube

Thanks for your presentation on Firefox. I found it a good review of an old, past friend. Currently I use Brave browser which is based on Chrome browser that has grabbed the predominant market share from Firefox.

Thanks for the introduction to where I am now watching
a video on un-Googling my cellphone and learning about for the first time.

More people need to view these videos: views in the hundreds only.

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