What a shame, though not a surprise. Summoning Salt is absolutely a gem of a channel. Would *love* to help spread their content over at tilvids.com YouTube has become too big to reasonably exist.


This is why creators should just move over to @peertube instances. At this point, Google is just a middle-man. Get with a few other similar creators, set up an instance, collect donations, and make more than you likely would on YouTube anyway.


A huge welcome to @thunderbird ! So happy to be able to support such a great project, and for them to share their content with our community!


Reuters has a great piece about misinformation on alternative video platforms. They should have taken a look at @peertube as well though. Some of us are trying hard to build better ecosystems out here for video creators! .com


featured video - The End of Internet Explorer

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YouTube sounds worse every day. If all you want to do is watch videos from creators without being hassled, do yourself and the world a favor and investigate alternatives.


featured video - Brands you didn't know big tech owns | Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft acquisitions

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@thelinuxexperiment Great video with tons of good content and info 😃 @tilvids is really lucky to have you on their platform, and the #Fediverse as well!

Welcome to new creator and patron @bitwarden - Bitwarden 101 - How to Create a Bitwarden Account 🔑

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Shout-out to @bitwarden as the latest TILvids patron! TILvids is funded by our community, and donations help us continue to grow!

Learn more about Bitwarden at bitwarden.com

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We appear to be back online. I'll be looking forward to reading what happened to our host. Anyway, sorry for the interruption, thanks for your patience, and go watch a video! Here's a great one from the archive!



Host is still down. Sounds like a pretty major network outage. Next update should come around 8pm EST.


Indeed, looks like our host is having some datacenter problems. FWIW, this is why I'm working on a redundancy server at the moment (along with to improve performance). Have made some progress here, just have to figure out why our second instance isn't honoring the redundancy settings I've applied. Should make for a good blog post at some point. :)

I'll post here when our host is back online. Sorry again for the interruption.

PSA: It looks like our host is doing some unexpected maintenance on their data-center right now. TILvids might be offline for a bit because of this. Sorry for the interruption!

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