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I will be making @tilvids my new home for my peertube videos!

TILvids is a great platform for content creators.

You can subscribe to my channel here:

#linux #opensource #peertube

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🦃 Happy friends! 🦃 And if you need a quick recipe for a side dish, check out this history and cooking lesson for green bean casserole from @yesterkitchen !


Waiting for food to cook on the night before Thanksgiving? Or just bored on a Wednesday night for those outside the US? Why not check out a browser history double-feature?

The Rise and Fall of Internet Explorer (courtesy of @vex0r) tilvids.com/videos/watch/e0c05

The History of Mozilla Firefox

🦃🥧 TILvids video of the day - One FABULOUS BOOZY Pumpkin Pie for your Thanksgiving Table from 1963! 🥧🦃

(video courtesy of @yesterkitchen)


Need something to watch tonight? Check out a review for some video editing software you might not have heard of before:


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If you're unfamiliar with the tilvids.com/ peertube instance, you are advised to peruse it

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YesterKitchen is a cooking channel about the history of food, with the presenter explaining the history of each dish as she prepares it. You can follow at:

➡️ @yesterkitchen

There's a focus on the origins of American comfort food, and it has a general retro aesthetic harking back to a 1950s USA.

The full selection of videos is visible at tilvids.com/accounts/yesterkit

#YesterKitchen #Food #History #FoodHistory #HistoryOfFood #FoodAndDrink #1950s #1940s #Retro #Videos #PeerTube #PeerTubers

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I've set up a third account which will boost interesting videos from across the Fediverse. It's a brand new account so fairly empty, but if this kind of thing interests you please feel free to follow:

➡️ @FediVideos

Inaugural boost is for the incredible Ed Wood horror sci-fi classic "Plan 9 From Outer Space", hosted by public domain and creative commons video site vidcommons.org

For anyone watching North American football out there, wondering what the heck is going on on the field...here's a video for you!


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