This is a really good video from Jake Wilson about the sad state of affairs that has become online video, thanks to and . No matter what Google says to the contrary, they do not care about small creators. Actions speak louder than words.

Worth a watch, and thanks to Jake Wilson for posting it to !

video of the day / Welcome to new creator @polarhive - F-Droid | An App Store That Respects Your Privacy & Freedom 🤖

(follow @nathan for more videos about open-source!)

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Hello fedi, I joined @tilvids I'll be syncing my content there in the coming weeks.

⭐️ Here's my latest video on @fdroidorg

p.s. my old instance has some playback issues incase you're wondering, it works if piped through MPV/youtube-dl but the webplayer is broken..
#TILvids #peertube #fdroid

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Dose anybody know of a #client for #peertube on desktop? Or am i stuck with using a web browser?


Need something to watch on this afternoon? Check out this "TheLinuxExperiment" classic about switching from to !

video of the day - The History of the Unbuilt and the Lost Expedition 🎢

(follow @fastpassfacts for more great amusement park history videos!)

video of the day - PineTalk episode 3: Quartzy Keyboards 📱

(TILvids is proud to support the @PINE64 community and their work on the and other projects!)

Need something to watch on tonight? Check out @theatticdwellers watch-review of 2013's 'The Worlds End' featuring Simon Pegg!

Need something to watch on tonight? Check out "The Essential Software Tools of 90s Kids", featuring ICQ, Winzip, Cute FTP, and GetRight! Totally rad!

Congratulations to NASA and JPL on their amazing landing of the Perseverance rover! By working together and using science, you have truly shown what humans are capable of! 🚀

Need something to watch on tonight? Check out this Movie Club review of "Die Hard" from @NerdOutWithMe! Yippee Ki Yay!

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I am launching Geoproton, a new linux gaming streaming channel.

I will primarily be streaming on twitch and youtube, with some ocassional livestreams on peertube if the server can handle it. I will post all VODs on all geoproton channels.





Hope you enjoy!

#linux #gaming #steam #proton #opensource

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