The Event Horizon Telescope has shown us the first picture of the light shadow of the supeemassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*!

It's maybe a bit surprising that they could publish the black hole in another galaxy, M87*, three years before that in our own Milky Way, but that is because even though M87 is much further away, its central black hole is absolutely massive - more than 1000 times heavier than the one in the Milky Way.

The event horizon (also called Schwarzild radius) of M87* ("M-eighty-seven-star"), which is a good deal smaller than the light shadow which we can see in the EHT images, is 2.5 times the orbit of Pluto. Which gives it an average mass density of 2-3% of the air we breathe on Earth!


CORRECTION: I miscalculated! The density would be as much as about half that of atmospheric air on sea level. Still, the point stands: M87* is less like this:

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